Exclusive: Will Laura Allen’s Pregnancy Be Written Into ‘Awake’?


Hannah Britten is either dead or alive but a broken-hearted mother all the same after losing her son Rex in a car crash with husband Michael by her side. Last time I chatted with actress Laura Allen on her Awake role she let us in on some scoop on what’s to come. Will their marriage begin to buckle because of Michael’s lack of communication? Well, she also let me in on her real life second pregnancy and whether or not that would ever be turned into a Britten storyline. After all, Hannah did mention earlier on that she would consider having another child with Michael, played by Jason Isaacs.

What an interesting twist that would make for the NBC series.

Along with the happy baby news (due in June!) Laura gushed about working with Isaacs as we mulled over his Lucius Malfoy days. Has she seen the films and has she already begun to read the Harry Potter series to her 3 ½ son? Check out what she had to say because nothing could be better than discussing both this show and the 10 year franchise all at the same time.

Despite Hannah not having too many scenes with her son Rex, viewers still get such a family connection between all of you. The acting is just so great on Awake.

I know, we never really get to see them together before the accident. I kept wishing for some flashback scenes. Dylan [Minnette], who plays Rex, is a 15-year-old kid who just keeps getting taller and taller every day. If we are going to do flashbacks we better do it now! And yet, I can relate. I’m a mother myself. I’m actually pregnant myself.


Thank you! Thank you! I’m expecting in June. And so, just the imaginative process its so hard to go there some days. To imagine losing your own child and yet its what we do as actors all the time. I mean we have to go to some scary places and if you can come out of it safely you actually learn a lot and deepens your experience of life, to explore grief.

What’s it like having to cover up your bump during filming?

We work with people from 24 who worked with [Mary Lynn Rajskub] who played the character Chloe and Chloe went full-term. We’ve got makeup artists, lighting designers, wardrobe and even set pieces so often I will hide behind boxes. [Laughs] They are really masterful at hiding it. I see it in my own face. I don’t know if viewers will catch on. We have a few more episodes so maybe you’ll start to see it but it was earlier so it was okay. If I were to have to shoot now it would be a different story.

Did you ever think it could be written into the script? That would definitely be a twist for Michael’s character to have to handle.

Oh, yeah! That was my first phone call. My first phone call was to Howard Gordon, like is this an opportunity? Because it’s mentioned in the pilot on how Hannah wants another child. Not to replace Rex but to start new. Not to resurrect but to have life again and a family. Yet, you’ll see why it doesn’t happen. In about four episodes you’ll see why.

What’s your favorite part about working with Jason Isaacs? This is obviously a completely different role compared to his Harry Potter days.

[Laughs] It’s great! My son is 3 ½ so I’m sort of waiting for him to grow up a few more years and then we’ll start up with the Harry Potter. I’ve never seen them but I saw Jason in Brotherhood and I was hooked. Even in that he’s a bad guy. So I get to see a softer and more loveable side to him as Michael Britten. But he maintains what we all love about his acting, which is this quiet intensity and subtly. And I get to be his audience most of the time. I just sit in awe of him because he’s so skilled, and by the way, so funny. I just feel very lucky playing opposite of Jason.


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