Revenge’ Interview: Nick Wechsler On “Scandal” Aftermath, How Jack Would React To Emily’s Secret


It’s been a long time coming but tonight is what crazed fans have been waiting for ever since “Scandal” premiered on February 29! Revenge is back and viewers are absolutely out of their minds if they think the beach shooting was the biggest moment for the ABC series. As the show went on its two month hiatus (please don’t do that anymore) I spoke again with Nick Wechsler and as always–his chat left me wanting even more. Will our beloved Jack Porter be put on trial while the rich Daniel Grayson gets off free? Only “Doubt” tonight will give us some clues on what to expect with the final episodes of this freshman season.

Last audiences saw Jack he was banging on Grayson doors and running after Amanda, catapulting him as an instant suspect in the beach shooting case. Or so we think. Will Declan step forward to defend him if the time was ever to come? Would he ever actually get back with Amanda if she returned? It’s too early to tell but the most lingering and hopeful storyline of all is the love triangle we’ve all been waiting patiently for. With Daniel away this may be the perfect time for Jack and Emily to become more.

But hypothetically–how would Jack react if he found out Emily’s secret? What’s up ahead and what does Nick really think about the Porter family at this point? Read on, stay tuned for tonight and keep up with Ologybecause there’s way more scoop to come with Nick. #TeamJack

Revenge is unlike any other show. It’s so addicting and pulls you in a thousand directions not knowing where it’s headed.

NICK WECHSLER: They’re really doing something, and a big something right because I can’t believe how much feedback we get. It is addicting and people get angry when we don’t have a new episode when they find out we’re on a two week break or something. They’re like “What?” They’ll be playfully angry with me but it happens. It’s the primary reaction. And that corroborates that it is an addiction. It’s like they’re going through a small emotional withdrawal. I love it. It’s a really great show.

It must be hard talking about the show because it’s so secretive! Jack clearly had his fingerprints on the cellphone at the beach in “Scandal”. Trouble ahead?

You’re right, it is so hard. Thank you for recognizing that…I’m just terrified the whole time that I’ve said too much anyway, but is Jack someone viewers can suspect? Um, that’s not a bad guess.

How would you describe Jack at this point? The Porter boys seem to have a moral compass compared to the other characters. Just looking at how Jack forgives Amanda so easily.

I know. Well, look, I think from the beginning he represents the good in Amanda. He’s there to represent the good and I don’t even keep in mind how much responsibility I have. Maybe that’s good because I don’t want to freak myself out. Charlotte was really great and Daniel was pretty great as well. They seemed like really good people who just came from a rich family, but they wanted to disassociate themselves from it in a way. It was like okay, these are good kids. The Porter’s aren’t the only good ones. Now Charlotte’s dealing with some messed up stuff and then we get to see how dark things are about to get for Daniel.

There’s a lot of good rested on Jack’s shoulders and I need to think he’s kind of there for the audience to have someone to relate to. Not that there aren’t relatable elements to every character in there but I think it’s like this world that Mike [Kelley] created. He’s put this badass lady in the center of it seeking revenge, and populated this world with people who have done bad things, immoral things, to obtain or maintain their wealth or status within that community. And so she’s justified for going out and seeking this revenge, but we need someone that isn’t guilty of any of that. Jack and Declan are that.

Amanda is gone at this point but she’s seen the infinity box. Is there a chance she’ll be revealing it to you?

That’s–I guess there is a chance. You know what’s awesome is–I don’t know if she’s going to.

How would you describe your relationship with Emily at this point? How would Jack react if he knew the truth?

I will say this. I think if I had a little thing at some point, a little crush, a little pull and then they [Emily] basically said no I’m with this other dude [Daniel]–If they were [later] like, “That person is from your past” and the person remained friendly with me and even if I found out that that person was not who they said they were all along–if they came clean to me and told me why, and they had a big reason like she does, I might actually feel like, “I wish I had known sooner but I feel like that’s justified. I’m not going to say you should keep doing this. I’m going to try to make you stop.”

This idea on if Jack learned wouldn’t make him hate them. That’s not me. That idea might hold for some drama but I think it depends on what kind of person you are. If I heard it I genuinely could do that and be like, “It’s a little weird that you fucking lied this long and I believed you were this other person, but I see now why you had to do it.”

You are about to embark on what seems to be the next big love triangle on television with Emily and Daniel. But could a triangle between Emily and Amanda ever happen if she were to return?

That’s a good question…if that happened I would think that it would be an interesting direction to take. It’s possible. I’ll say that I would’nt be surprised if it doesn’t go that direction just because Amanda and her role in it–she’s too dangerous. And Emily’s thing with her, while she cares about her– granted she could like Daniel too and actually have feelings for him–she’s using her. Amanda’s more loyal to her than she is to them, which leads me to feel like there wouldn’t be as much of a love triangle.

Will we be seeing flashbacks from Jack’s past?

Probably. Probably. I think we’ll be seeing some of all the major players and there will be the trial and stuff. It’s a cool format. When I first heard it, it’s weird I went back between thinking it was cool and being like, “Is it weird?” I thought we were going to hold the reveal of the beach with who what and why at the end of the season and the whole season was going to build up answering that and then they changed it to the 15th episode. But then it was like, maybe they always had it at 15, but in my mind it had changed.

So pretty much the beach shooting is completely minimal compared to what’s to come.

Yeah, it had to be in order for the season to progress for our audience to tune in and finally let them have the carrot you’ve been dangling for so long. In order for them to keep going, you have to dangle another. They answer that and then raise other questions. It’s like, ‘Ah, I have to watch. I have to watch. What was that guy doing there? Oh man. Where is she going? What does that mean for this person? Oh man, now I have to watch the whole season.’


‘New Girl’ Interview: Hannah Simone On Favorite Cece Moments, That Addicting Intro Song


Tuesday night television has never been more adorkable. Each week there’s a rush to catch the latest New Girl on FOX with a little “It’s Jess!” being sung all the way home. Not to offend any other series (inevitably placing my dollar bill in the douchebag jar) but waiting to see what shenanigans a group of friends are up to next has never felt more natural.

With Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Nick and Winston, it’s as if we’re hanging out alongside them. (In say moments like the football match verse the “Defying Gravity” car moment or when Schmidt decides to list a bunch of cheeses to turn on Cece.) It’s a show that we want to be a part of because well—they have a way of just creating the most ridiculous yet entertaining moments in nighttime television.

Do we not recall the True American Drinking Game? Send over game rules please and thank you.

As the Schmidt one-liners come right after the other, viewers are also left with bizarre yet realistic relationships. Up ahead Schmidt and Cece will be finding out some “late” news and according to Hannah Simone, even she was surprised by how some of the characters react when a possible Schmidt offspring may be on the way. When I recently chatted with the stunning actress she also revealed what she thinks about Schmidt and Cece as a couple, what her favorite moment with Zooey Deschanel has been and even teases the Nick and Jess storyline.

More importantly, is there really a douchebag jar on set and what’s up with that insanely addicting intro song? Needless to say, it was so exciting to speak to Hannah that a little bit of Jess nervousness could have surfaced at any moment.


OLOGY: Congrats on the second season! How did you all celebrate?

HANNAH SIMONE: We were all actually downtown on a pier shooting the promos for the second season so we found out together, which was amazing! It was a wonderful feeling. We went around and hugged each other and congratulated each other. It’s just so exciting that we get to do it all over again. It’s amazing.

It could be said that the show is a hit because of the obvious chemistry you all have together. Did you spend a lot of time together before shooting to make it that comfortable?

Well we didn’t do any bonding corporate sessions or anything like that before we did the show. [Laughs] I think you know when you get something like this and the workload is so intense that you—it’s like getting thrown on an island with a bunch of people. You just do bond and connect. You just do because you’re going through all of it together. It just was a natural thing and you know Zooey is amazing. She auditioned every single person herself so I think she wanted to make sure that the chemistry was real because that just makes it easier for everyone. So we all knew going in—because we all met each other in auditions—that the group just naturally clicked.

What’s been one of your favorite moments with the cast, on or off set?

We spend all of our days on set! [Laughs] You know that saying we bring our work to bed, you know what I mean? We spend every waking moment on set so we’re together all the time. I think one of my favorite moments—there’s a scene in the Christmas episode where Zooey and me are crying in the bathroom hiding from our terrible dates and avoiding reality of boys. We’re just sitting on a bathroom floor because the only safe place at a party with your girlfriend is in the girl’s bathroom! And just eating cookies and trying to figure it out, I loved that moment. I thought it was so funny and so true. Jess giving me some hard truths because she’s watching me maybe not making the best choices and I give her some. I think that to me was just the epitome of why Jess and Cece are best friends.

Now to that douchebag jar. Is that something the cast and crew has and contributes to off set by any chance?

[Laughs] No, but maybe we should because we would probably all be millionaires! No, it’s not something we do off set I think. It’s so funny and so amazing how that caught on. I think the show is so great because it’s just on a string of jokes. It’s about really connecting to what we all can really relate to.

Do you have a guess at who would have the most and least money in it?

No, I think we all poke fun at each other and do bits with each other. I think if you saw the show’s Paleyfest you see Max [Greenfield] who play’s Schmidt just literally take out his whole wallet and dump all his money into the jar. There are moments that people will scream out and call us out on our stuff.

It must be so exciting to be one of the two females on this hit show with a budding romance with such a character. What do you think about this Schmidt and Cece storyline?

Oh my God. I think with Cece and Schmidt I really loved it when I saw that the storyline was going to go there. I think they are the epitome of the modern day relationship that people navigate. Where physical intimacy is easy and emotional intimacy is hard. I think that’s what I love about these characters. Most of the time whenever you see a story like that on screen they fell in love and they got together. Or they had feelings and flirted and flirted but could never admit it and then finally admitted to how they felt about each other and then got together. Deep down you know that she probably cares about him but that’s way scarier than just hooking up whenever she feels like it. I love how that relationship is like that. I think Cece likes Schmidt just because they have that connection. You can’t explain whom you fall for in life. I think they just click on some level. They both have this very strong tough exterior to the world and the moment I knew I was like, ‘Oh, poor Cece. She is in trouble!’ When Cece lets him come sleep in her bed with her and they just hold hands. I was like, ‘Oh, she’s toast.’

So word has it Cece gets a pregnancy scare! Schmidt definitely seems like he would have a lot of funny baby name suggestions for that moment.

[Laughs] Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t say scare but there’s a whole pregnancy situation on the show. We get the scripts literally days before we shoot so we’re all just a few steps ahead of the fans of the show. We want to know what happens next week too! So when we got this one we were like, ‘Oh my goodness!’ I think it was amazing to watch how all the characters reacted and I was very surprised to see how several of the characters handled it. It wasn’t how I expected it.

Like maybe Jess and the guys would freak out a little bit but they didn’t?

Or vice versa. I don’t want to tell you because I don’t want to ruin the show for you! I just love how the writers on this show don’t go by a paint by numbers approach to these characters because human beings aren’t like that. We’re complicated. Human beings are complicated and I like that they keep that essence of proof in these characters.

Well, there’s so much to keep us entertained with and yet there will always be that lingering storyline between Jess and Nick. How do you think Cece would react if they ever got together? Them and you and Schmidt would be a hilarious double date scenario.

[Laughs] They would be an amazing double date! In the episode “Cece Crashes” she calls Jess on the fact that Nick likes her and she thinks Jess got jealous when she was dancing in the living room. I think she pushed her for it. They had a big fight, a physical fight, in the living room.  You know what? Just stop. Stop just sitting there and waiting for things to happen. Go get your man.

It’s true!

And Jess made a really good point where she was like, ‘Look, I don’t know if I want that yet. I just came out of a really hard relationship. I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not sure yet so I don’t need to just dive in to some guy because I think he’s cute for a second or two.’ And I think that’s really where they got into it. Again, that’s why I love this show so much. There’s this little Nick and Jess tension that’s sort of played throughout the show but in real life it plays how it would. Both of those characters have come out of really big, intense and complicated relationships where they were cheated on or they weren’t treated well. That’s a lot for a person to deal with so if you just jumped right in to a relationship after that you know that one’s not going to end well. They are taking care of themselves, which is great.

And lastly, that intro song is so addicting! Do you find yourself humming along to it a lot on set? Zooey is a singer after all.

I catch the crew all the time humming that song, which is really funny! It really is an amazing song. She’s an incredible songwriter. She’s an incredible lyricist. Incredible. So I find myself singing it. I remember when they released what the theme song was going to be. It’s something that you just catch yourself humming while you’re brushing your teeth. It’s like a part of my brain now. I’m happy though because when you think of all the great sitcoms now like the Golden Girls you know it at a drop of a hat. I think that having an opening theme song–we were all hoping it was going to be good, and it’s great and it is and that’s such a credit to her.

Exclusive: ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Tamra Barney Has Moved In With Fiance, Plans To Adopt


Tamra Barney is officially moving on from ex-husband Simon Barney in a big way. The Real Housewives of Orange County reality star got engaged to boyfriend Eddie Judge in March 2012 and is now looking to start a family with her handsome beau. Since accepting his proposal in Bora, Bora the duo have been talking seriously about expanding the family.

“I’m so excited. We haven’t had a chance really to celebrate,” she tells me of the engagement. “Life is so busy and we haven’t even actually started to plan where we are going to get married. We are talking about something next year. We are talking maybe destination wedding. There’s just so much to discuss.”

At the Bravo Upfront in New York City Tamra also mentioned that she would be open to a possible taping of the ceremony.

But what happens after the nuptials is what she and Eddie are really thinking about. She reveals that they just recently moved in with one another. “I think if we do decide we’re talking about adoption. He was adopted so we’d really like to give another child an opportunity,” she gushes. “He has no children and I still have three small children in the house so we just recently moved in together. He’s kind of wrapping his brain around that and we’re still taking baby steps and getting used to that.”

Tamra doesn’t shy away from the cameras on the Bravo series but as she pointed out, there’s more than just drama in her life. “My children are the main thing. I think I’m probably unbalanced on the show because I choose to not have my children on the show.” Instead of heels and makeup you can usually find Tamra and the family dunning baseball caps and sweats while hanging out at home. Working at the local library and helping out at PTA meetings is another way she spends her time out of the spotlight.

Review: ‘The Client List’


B+ | The Client List is more than just about a woman trying to keep her family afloat by getting a job as a massage therapist in suburbia Texas. There’s more cash flowing and extras getting done behind the curtain that can make this Lifetime series an edgy hit.

The Client List is a new guilty pleasure. Some viewers may have been and may still be on the fence about this new Lifetime series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt (Riley Parks) but the fact that this once 2010 film is now a series makes the storyline that much more intriguing.

After chatting with star Rebecca Field who plays Parks’ best friend, it was very clear: having a show like this on that network makes it that much more enticing, juicy and edgier. A woman who is newly single trying to raise two kids finds work as a massage therapist outside of town but quickly learns that she can earn so much more if she gives a little extra during her appointments.

Let the fun begin.

With an all-star cast that consists of Hewitt, Field, Cybill Shepherd as mommy dearest and Colin Egglesfield (who you could have seen in Something Borrowed) the premiere started off just right. It introduced the family, the dire need for cash and made the reveal of what happens behind the curtains not sudden or unsettling in anyway. As a mother who’s just trying to get by there’s sure to be many secrets to be unfolded throughout the series.

The only disadvantage to a plot like this is wondering how long it could possibly last. Hopefully the series brings more twists because it may not be as fun when Parks’ secret is revealed. But as for right now—a possible hookup between she and her brother-in-law played by Egglesfield could be one reason to stay tuned alone. Another scene with his shirt off while mowing the lawn wouldn’t hurt either.

‘The Client List’ Interview: Rebecca Field Dishes On New Role, Why Viewers Will Be Drawn To Edgy Lifetime Series


Did you ever have a friend lie about something? Act weird and couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Well, anything he or she probably did has nothing on the newest television series The Client List. The new show airs tonight on Lifetime and it is sure to grab viewer’s attention and leave us with a secret that’s ultimately juicier if withheld for the audiences’ pleasure. Based on a true story, The Client List starring Jennifer Love Hewitt was a Lifetime movie in 2010 that was just so intriguing, the creators decided to make it a series. Now instead of a two-hour special, Riley, a newly single mother, can be seen an hour a week getting into all sorts of mischief and unspoken services. Trying to provide for her kids, Hewitt’s character signs up to be a massage therapist that gives her customers an extra bonus behind the curtain.

As Riley’s best friend, actress Rebecca Field plays the role of Lacey in the new series. Kept in the dark like the rest, Lacey is the comic relief in this juicy storyline. While chatting with Field, she told me all about her new exciting role, what to expect from the small Texas town and the chemistry she and the cast have on and off set. The show also stars Cybill Shepherd and Something Borrowed’s Colin Egglesfield.

Known for her fantastic work as Janet on October Road, her role in American Reunion that’s now in theatres and several guest spots on shows like Hawthorne and Mike & Molly, Rebecca took the time to chat with me about her new exciting role. So read up and get ready because the premiere is at 10 p.m. tonight!

What intrigued you about working on The Client List?

The movie was on Lifetime and Jennifer [Love Hewitt] was nominated for a Golden Globe and it was just written so well so I definitely wanted to be a part of it. And to work with an icon like Jennifer with such a track record and Cybill Shepherd who’s amazing and Loretta Devine–it just kind of seemed like a no brainer getting to work with all of them.

The concept is so different from what is out there on television now. It must be interesting to go from a film to now a series.

I know! It really is. We’ve been getting lots of weird and interesting feedback on the Facebook page from massage therapists being upset as if giving their profession a bad name but we have to keep reminding ourselves that it really did happen and that’s where the movie came out of and then the series. So yeah, when we’re wrapped up in the shooting of it all and storyline and all that, I forget that we are doing something that was based off of a true story, which is interesting.

Absolutely. The storyline is so enticing. What do you think audiences will really like about it?

Well I think that especially for Lifetime, it’s definitely a little bit edgier and grittier than some of the stuff that they might have been doing in the past. I mean I think one thing people are going to like–there’s something for everyone. Men that don’t watch Lifetime will now have a reason to watch. [Laughs] But then for the ladies, there are a lot of gorgeous half-clothed men in the spa and a lot of great relationships going on.

A great ‘soap’ factor in the sense that there’s a lot of nighttime drama. You’re finding out all these secrets people are keeping. You manage a balancing act of having a real down to earth life with children and family and then hiding these secrets from them. It’s sort of like the decision a mother has to make and has to decide what to do. It’s not an easy decision to make that you’re going to do that for money but she doesn’t really have a lot of options. She feels really lost and at her wits end. So I think a lot of people will really enjoy that aspect.

Did you get a chance to see the film before working on the show?

No, I didn’t see it before I auditioned and at the beginning of the audition process, no one mentioned to me the chaos of it all and that there was a movie first. I sort of found that out midway through and then I was engrossed in the testing and auditioning so I didn’t really get a chance to watch it at that point. But I did watch it afterward.

What’s your character Lacey like? You play Riley Park’s best friend, played by Hewitt.

Yeah, I play her best friend and it’s really great. We have really lovely chemistry and we’ve sort of become great friends off camera as well, which I think really helps the chemistry. Lacey is amazing. She’s really fun and I tend to feel like Lacey gets to become sort of like the comic relief to the show, which is awesome. She’s sort of the ditsy voice of reason sometimes, too. It’s interesting and great to play that. I play her best friend and I’m married to the wonderful and lovely Greg Grunberg who will show up at some point and we have really great chemistry. He’s a trucker and always on the road so we have an interesting dynamic relationship.

Do you have a sense of when Lacey may find out about Riley’s secret? How do you think your character would react?

I guess as the story unfolds and the season goes on but at this point nobody knows what’s going on with her. A lot of us are suspecting things because things will come out at different episodes that’ll be a bit of a red flag like, ‘How did she do that? How did she pay her mortgage in cash? How could she be doing that well at a massage parlor?’ So there will be little red flags.

I don’t know or think Lacey would be really open to it. I mean you are talking about Texas, Christians, small-minded people in a sense. They haven’t seen a lot of craziness in the outside world of their small town. So I think that would be something–if Lacey is to find out–that would be really difficult for her because if you have the great love of a friend who you’ve had a relationship with for years and years, and have seen everything this would be like a major bump in the road. I’m not sure that she would be pretty open to it, but then I’m not sure how you would walk away from a 20- something year relationship.

Norman Buckley jumped on to direct, right?

Yeah, Norman Buckley was one of our amazing guest directors that came in. We have a new director every episode. But we just worked with him. I think it was on episode 106. He is unbelievable and he’s got a great teen audience that he tried to introduce us all to via Twitter because some of us are new twitter-ers! He was a joy to work with. What a sweet guy!

What’s been one of your favorite moments on set so far?

I mean, every moment is great, you know? Jennifer’s got a gorgeous voice in addition to being an amazing producer and actress. So we’re always singing and goofing off. There’s lots of behind the scenes laughter and joking and not being able to keep a straight face. And Cybill’s amazing, too. She’s a real character and I mean that in the best way. She’s a real joy to be around. And Colin’s [Egglesfield] great. He’s a lovely hot dude who’s also really fun. So, those are really the only people who I have an opportunity to work with on a regular basis. We’ve just been having a lot of fun in getting to know each other and getting to know the characters we’re playing and it’s really fun.

Do you have any plans on watching the show together on Sunday?

Yeah! Absolutely. I am definitely going to watch it with Love. We’re going to be doing some live tweeting during the airing of the show, which will be fun. I think we’re just going to have a handful of people at her home and watch it together for the big premiere, which we hope will be successful.

I definitely think it will! Looking forward to seeing it myself.

Well, thanks. We hope so! I hope people are ready for it and I don’t mean that in any negative way. I love Lifetime television and it’s wonderful but it’s something that’s a little off form from what they’re generally known for. Hopefully it will attract the audience off of mere curiosity alone.

‘American Reunion’ Interview: Rebecca Field Chats Love For Franchise, Recalls Pranks On Set


High School reunions can be quite painful for some to attend but for five guys that once made a pack to lose their virginity on prom night, a moment together again could be nothing more than memorable and very appealing to the audiences watching. American Reunion is finally here and just like when you walk in to grab your nametag, nostalgia hits you quicker than any apple pie could.

From Nadia’s sex tape, gluing oneself to a porn video and those Stifler mom jokes, Jim, Stifler, Oz, Kevin and Finch have a few more laughs to make before cutting the last piece of pie.

As a franchise that’s made a lasting impression on teenagers everywhere, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to think that fans would have loved the chance to be involved somehow. Just ask actress Rebecca Field. As a fan of American Pie when it first debuted in 1999, the experience now in getting to act alongside those characters was nothing less than amazing. In Reunion she plays Loni, a woman who went to high school with the gang, and is now reintroduced by Stifler.

As a longtime fan of Field since her role on October Road, talking to her about her upcoming projects was like describing a reunion itself. It was memorable, exciting and worth the wait.

So, what was it really like coming into a franchise like American Reunion for the first time? “Oh boy,” she started telling me. “Honestly it couldn’t have been more exciting because those movies came out at a time where I could obviously go see R-rated movies. So it actually felt a bit surreal to know, ‘Oh my God, all the original cast is coming back and I’m actually going to be on the big screen in a film with them.’ It was very surreal and exciting, but very intimidating as well.”

Getting to head back and forth to Atlanta during the summer of filming could be nothing more than entertaining, especially with a cast that’s known to goof off over the years. After all, there’s nothing like a fart app to keep the day moving. “Jason Biggs is hilarious and there were always jokes. At the time there was a fart app he was loving on the phone. So he was having that going at all times and then sometimes you didn’t know if it was really him or the app,” she laughed. Oh, it gets better. “They do a lot of tapping the privates and running. Just typical boy stuff. It’s like they reverted right back to being in high school or the first time they were all together playing when they were so young. So it was really fun to watch that chemistry reignite immediately upon them getting back together. It was like a day hadn’t gone by.”

As luck would have it, Field actually got to work the most with her favorite character–the raunchy and crude Stifler. “There’s a point where they’re going through their yearbook and reminiscing and he’s bringing up people he knew in high school, and then you’re introduced to me. I end up showing up at a party that he has at his house. They’re all hilarious in their own way but Stifler was such a douche that how could you now love him?” she laughed. “I mean he’s the most loveable douche that ever lived on a movie screen. So that was who I was more drawn to and then luckily that’s who my scenes were with so it couldn’t have been cooler. Sean William Scott is maybe by far the nicest human being that’s ever landed on the face of the Earth. He’s so sweet.”

Field has done a bit more television than film, but it doesn’t matter the medium. “I know its cliché but I’m really lucky to do this at all because I’ve wanted to do this as a child. Television is a lot faster so you get instant gratification.” She’s only done a few indies but “I think it is just as rewarding and exciting for different reasons.”

This weekend alone Rebecca’s kept busy with this fourth installment and the big premiere of her new Lifetime series The Client List. Playing the best friend to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character and her secret life is intriguing and worth the watch. It airs tonight at 10 p.m.!

Exclusive: Will Laura Allen’s Pregnancy Be Written Into ‘Awake’?


Hannah Britten is either dead or alive but a broken-hearted mother all the same after losing her son Rex in a car crash with husband Michael by her side. Last time I chatted with actress Laura Allen on her Awake role she let us in on some scoop on what’s to come. Will their marriage begin to buckle because of Michael’s lack of communication? Well, she also let me in on her real life second pregnancy and whether or not that would ever be turned into a Britten storyline. After all, Hannah did mention earlier on that she would consider having another child with Michael, played by Jason Isaacs.

What an interesting twist that would make for the NBC series.

Along with the happy baby news (due in June!) Laura gushed about working with Isaacs as we mulled over his Lucius Malfoy days. Has she seen the films and has she already begun to read the Harry Potter series to her 3 ½ son? Check out what she had to say because nothing could be better than discussing both this show and the 10 year franchise all at the same time.

Despite Hannah not having too many scenes with her son Rex, viewers still get such a family connection between all of you. The acting is just so great on Awake.

I know, we never really get to see them together before the accident. I kept wishing for some flashback scenes. Dylan [Minnette], who plays Rex, is a 15-year-old kid who just keeps getting taller and taller every day. If we are going to do flashbacks we better do it now! And yet, I can relate. I’m a mother myself. I’m actually pregnant myself.


Thank you! Thank you! I’m expecting in June. And so, just the imaginative process its so hard to go there some days. To imagine losing your own child and yet its what we do as actors all the time. I mean we have to go to some scary places and if you can come out of it safely you actually learn a lot and deepens your experience of life, to explore grief.

What’s it like having to cover up your bump during filming?

We work with people from 24 who worked with [Mary Lynn Rajskub] who played the character Chloe and Chloe went full-term. We’ve got makeup artists, lighting designers, wardrobe and even set pieces so often I will hide behind boxes. [Laughs] They are really masterful at hiding it. I see it in my own face. I don’t know if viewers will catch on. We have a few more episodes so maybe you’ll start to see it but it was earlier so it was okay. If I were to have to shoot now it would be a different story.

Did you ever think it could be written into the script? That would definitely be a twist for Michael’s character to have to handle.

Oh, yeah! That was my first phone call. My first phone call was to Howard Gordon, like is this an opportunity? Because it’s mentioned in the pilot on how Hannah wants another child. Not to replace Rex but to start new. Not to resurrect but to have life again and a family. Yet, you’ll see why it doesn’t happen. In about four episodes you’ll see why.

What’s your favorite part about working with Jason Isaacs? This is obviously a completely different role compared to his Harry Potter days.

[Laughs] It’s great! My son is 3 ½ so I’m sort of waiting for him to grow up a few more years and then we’ll start up with the Harry Potter. I’ve never seen them but I saw Jason in Brotherhood and I was hooked. Even in that he’s a bad guy. So I get to see a softer and more loveable side to him as Michael Britten. But he maintains what we all love about his acting, which is this quiet intensity and subtly. And I get to be his audience most of the time. I just sit in awe of him because he’s so skilled, and by the way, so funny. I just feel very lucky playing opposite of Jason.