‘Revenge’ Scoop: The Cast Reveals Their Reactions To The “Chaos” Beach Shooting


Like the rest of us, the cast of Revenge has been waiting not so patiently for the big beach shooting scene to return to our television screens. It’s been five long months since the slaying of one of Hamptons own, and now fans will finally find out what original character is getting killed off in tonight’s Chaos episode.

Not sure about you, but it’s like I’ve been just writing and circling the number 15 with a red sharpie over here for weeks in anticipation.

The Fire and Ice party is set to begin with the celebration of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson’s engagement. Since the cliffhanger there’s been many twists and lies but nothing so prominent as this very moment. Someone we’ve been invested in won’t be returning.

The cast has been tight-lipped since reading the script in January but lucky for us, I recently got the chance to chat with Gabriel Mann, Ashley Madekwe and Christa B. Allen before tonight’s shocking outcome. As in, Nolan, Ashley and Charlotte. As to be expected, they had their guesses on who be killed off but they also gave details on the actual table read. The guys were nervous for their characters and the writers couldn’t help but tease the cast until the very last script was officially bound and handed out.

So check out what they had to say and stay tuned for much, much more with this stunning cast!

The Inevitable Table Reading of Episode 15

“By the time we got the script we knew who it was going to be but it was very late in the day when we got 100% confirmation on who it was going to be. I mean I think everyone knows that this is the kind of show were nobody is 100% safe.” – Ashley Madekwe

“It’s really amazing. I mean, hats off to them. Honestly, this is something that we’re living, day in and day out, every single week and every single month, and it still was like a shock to all of us when it came out. We know for the most part what’s what and who’s who at this moment, but they managed to put so much in it.” – Gabriel Mann

The Guys Were Pretty Nervous About Their Fate

“They didn’t actually give us the script until the table read. We sat down and they gave us the script and we flipped through it before we read it. And it was the sort of thing where I felt pretty safe. We all knew it was a man on the beach but all the guys were nervous. They were like, ‘Oh man, it’s going to be me. I’m going to die.’- Christa B. Allen

“We kept going up to our bosses being like, ‘Can you give us a hint? Can you at least throw us a bone or something? We want to know whether we’re going to be required to come back to work the next day. And the same way we tease when we do interviews, our bosses and writers and producers were teasing us. They were like, ‘We just can’t tell you anything!’ And they kept us on edge.” – Christa B. Allen

The Cast Had Their Guesses On Who Would Die

“There were two people that I thought it could have been. Yeah, there were two people that I suspected might be dead.” So, was she correct in one of her guesses? “Yeah, I was.”- Christa B. Allen

“It really was between two or three people and we all had a general idea of who it would be and when it was confirmed we were like, ‘Yeah, okay. That makes sense.’ Not to say we weren’t disappointed. We all wanted them to write a character in that we haven’t gotten attached to. It’s not going to be a random person. It’s going to be an original character that we’ve all invested in.” – Ashley Madekwe


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