‘Revenge’ Scoop: Gabriel Mann, Ashley Madekwe Reveal 7 “Chaos” Spoilers


East Coasters–we are an hour away. West Coasters–hang in there. There is so much anticipation leading up to tonight’s Revenge episode that it truly feels like it should be a season finale. Lucky for us though, it’s just number 15. So here’s to the Chaos that the ABC series has been promising us for months. Here’s to the moment when viewers find out who dies on the beach and who watches in horror at the aftermath.

The chill of the Fire and Ice night is upon us and there’s so many more details to uncover! Gabriel Mann and Ashley Madekwe (who should seriously get together soon–as Nolan and Ashley, of course) recently gave us some huge exclusives for what to expect tonight. Besides the Hamptons murder the two actors dished about the infinity box, how it was to shoot the latest episode and huge SPOILER ALERT–how the beach scene debacle isn’t even the biggest moment of the season!

Expect the unexpected, folks. As Gabe puts it, “a murder is fairly benign compared to what is potentially coming down the pipe.”

1. Infinity Box Taker Is Revealed

“We are now shooting episode 17 so yes, we already know who took it. I mean the episode that you saw really kept you at the edge of your seat!”

So will we be finding out the RSVP attendee tonight?

“I think we do, yeah.” – Ashley Madekwe

2. Chaos Is Shot In An Entirely New Perspective Compared To Pilot

“We reshot all that footage. I think maybe except for Christa [Charlotte] running up on the dock, maybe. Maybe they reshot that when I wasn’t there. But yeah, I asked Mike [Kelley] about it. We’re shooting it from a different perspective so you see different things going on that are a broader view of the story lines.”– Ashley Madekwe 

“What was so interesting about shooting 15, the Chaos episode, was kind of revisiting where we were at, you know almost a year ago and like when none of us knew what would happen with the show…And here we are revisiting those costumes, those scenes and the dialogue. I got such a pleasure reading about the Fire and Ice party again and all of the things that happened off-screen from the pilot that you didn’t get to see but are now revealed in this episode. They did such a masterful job of combining pieces of the pilot into a real near perfect recreation of that night and sort of all the additional things that nobody knew were happening at the time. Because when we were going into it I was saying, ‘What did I mean when I said that? What was I talking about?’ And they were like, ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry. We’ll tell you. We’ll show you. Everything will be revealed.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, great.’ And when I saw how they did it I was like, ‘Oh my God. Guys, hats off!Hats off. And a double popped collar to you man. This is unbelievable. You get the quadruple pop for this.”-Gabriel Mann

3. Shooting Moment Won’t Be The Final Scene

“I can’t remember! That episode–it’s interesting–okay so Fire and Ice was the engagement party and not the wedding. So you–the wedding we’re shooting–the shooting happened in the course of the engagement party. So it will be, I would say in the last segment but not in the last moment.”– Ashley Madekwe

4. Tyler May Make A Return

“I don’t think they could ever–I mean locking up Tyler, is that ever going to be enough to keep him away? He’s such a good character.”– Ashley Madekwe

5. Murderer Won’t Be Unknown For Long

“With this show it’s never as simple as you think it would be. But at the same time, they’re not looking to withhold answers for endless, endless seasons and periods of time. I think initially the sort of concept of the show was to flesh out this thing that had happened but in the process of doing that they found so many new paths to take that it really is just the tip of the iceberg.”- Gabriel Mann

6. The Killer May Surprise You

“You know, we all had our theories on set. All the actors were like, ‘Oh she did it, he did it.’ Any of us could have done it, but what they came up with, none of us expected. I was like, ‘Really? None of us figured that out?'”- Gabriel Mann

7. Beach Shooting Is Minimal Compared To What’s To Come

“At this point, a murder is fairly benign compared to what is potentially coming down the pipe. So in having some success with the show, it’s kind of opened up a whole other world of possibilities and the way that this particular part of the story coming up with Fire and Ice sort of comes together.” – Gabriel Mann

*Now go back and read those spoilers again. Are we really supposed to think that Daniel is the one that gets killed? Does Tyler come back tonight? Is Jack really the killer? Their answers could be telling us something. After all, it is our perspective now. Isn’t it?


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