‘The Lying Game’ Interview: Alice Greczyn Reveals Mads’ Twin Reaction, A Possible Future Romance


Alice Greczyn and The Lying Game cast have just wrapped season one and the actress has revealed all the last minute spoilers for you diehard fans. The sweet Greczyn, who plays Mads Rybak on the ABC Family series, recently chatted with Ology about the seasons end. What will come of Alec and Andy? Will Alec’s sneaky ways begin to unravel? Will Derek’s killer be found out? And what is seriously up with Ethan and Sutton’s recent chemistry?

Alice was so sweet to give us all the details and even shared how tonight’s upcoming episode “No Country For Young Love” will begin. Mads has just found out about Sutton and Emma and she’s sure to have an opinion on it. The question is: Will she forgive everything Sutton’s done and keep it a secret? Or will she decide to just team up with Emma?

So excited to talk about everything Lying Game. Audiences were just left with Mads finding out about Emma and Sutton’s secret. What can we expect now?

ALICE GRECZYN: When the next episode picks up, after Emma had a chance to do a little bit of explaining, you never exactly see how Mads reacts in the heat of the moment. So by the time you see her in the next episode, it opens with Mads, Thayer and Emma all together talking about how she kept it a secret for so long. So I think Mads’ probably incredulous. I remember when we shot that scene. We shot it with a variety of different endings. So sometimes I say, “Why?” or a “What is she thinking about? or “You’re crazy” or “You need help.” It’s a very difficult thing to imagine how you’d react if your best friend told you that…


Insane asylum. Like I was literally thinking she needed help because such a thing never crosses people’s minds. I think Mads would probably think that Emma has been slowly loosing her mind and has been acting really bipolar lately and should probably seek medical treatment. I think Mads probably didn’t really believe it until she confirmed it with Sutton. And I imagine she would need to see proof of like pictures of the two separate ones, and hear the whole story…Like I said, when the episode picks up it opens with me being like, “Wow, so your whole family doesn’t have a clue. That’s so brave of you to keep a secret so long. I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out.” So I think overall Mads reacts positive to Emma. She supports Emma and she feels really bad for the way she treated Emma because Sutton is really the one who she’s upset with. And she’s pretty upset with Sutton for the rest of the season. But as far as Emma is concerned, she becomes much more of a friend to Emma and definitely supports her with unraveling all of the many mysteries that are in the lying game.

Mads jumping on the bandwagon will be very interesting to see.  Will Ryan be kept in the dark? Are you the only character that’s going to know for a while?

I think so. Yeah, I mean, as far as I know none of the other characters know besides me and [those] that already know. I think I’m the only character in the season, in this back ten episodes that we have, that figures it out. Laurel and the family are still in the dark about it. Obviously like now the whole Ryback family knows, my dad, my brother knew already so…although we don’t know that my dad knows. It’s such a confusing show!

Well, speaking of your dad. Alec is definitely up to something and that whole Rebecca storyline is getting serious. Do fans find out soon what his hand is in all of this?

Yes, he definitely has a bad side. I think I grew up with that bad side. I think at the same time Alec, I think his family is probably the one area that he does not want to have that bad side come out in. I think he’s always been very supportive of us as kids and has always tried his best anyways [but] I think in the next few episodes that will be airing there’s definitely a major point of contention in our family. Mads, her dad, her brother, all three of us are definitely–I guess more me and Thayer, all the stuff going on with my dad I sort of become increasingly privy to and it’s hard. I don’t think I really should go into much detail! [Laughs]. I could get in trouble. Let’s just say that things in the Ryback family definitely become very strained and Alec is definitely at the root of it all.

Do we find out more about Derek’s killing? Have you read the last script yet?

Yes, yes. Well I know we’re shooting it now. This is our last week. Yes of course there will be a cliffhanger in the finale and it does have to do with Derek. It does have to do with Dan and with Alec and I think every story line kind of gets its own little cliffhanger. Alec and Rebecca, and Ted and Kristin. There’s definitely a lot going on in the adult world relationships. So I would kind of say in my opinion, the finale is more with cliffhangers on the adult section than with the kids.

Your fan base on Twitter is so big. Recently Allie Gonino commented that the whole cast had a wrap party.

Yeah, we had a little wrap party in a local bar lounge place here in Austin. It was fun. You know wrap parties are always–it’s always fun to see everyone outside of their work and outside of their work clothes. That’s the best thing about wrap parties. Other than that, I’m not much of a party person in general, so I always tend to feel a little bit anxious because it’s so rare that I walk into a party and know every single person there. That kind of makes me feel good because I just find my little group and pretty much just stay just there for the entire night. [Laughs] At wrap parties you know everyone and they’re kind of all in the same room and they’re not working and so there’s just so many people to try and say hello to. It can get a little bit overwhelming but it was really nice for the producer’s to throw us a wrap party and just fun to have one last ‘hoorah’ before we all get back to work and then go in our separate ways.

Exactly, and Texas just seems like so much fun. Is there talk about a second season yet?

We’re waiting on a season 2 pick up and our Executive Producer Chuck Pratt has been doing his best to keep us in the loop about every possible detail. At the end of the day, nothing is official. We are not officially picked up. It’s not absolute or official whether we will know or not. Hopefully we’ll know by the end of February…I mean everyone felt positive, but who doesn’t sound positive? [Laughs]

Let’s hope it does! It’s clearly a great show.  Who would you say you’re the closest to on set?

I hang out–you know honestly, it depends on the schedule. I’m close to pretty much everyone, but we all have very different schedules. And so whoever is not working is pretty much whom by default we all end up hanging out with. It depends on our schedule. Meaning I spend very little time hanging out with Alex [Chando] or with Blair [Redford]. They both have very opposite schedules from me. I hang out a lot with Christian [Alexander] and Tyler [Christopher] and Allie. I say those are the ones that I hang out with the most probably. I think I’m always hanging out with the boys–Christian, Tyler and Misha  [Crosby], who plays Ryan, because Allie also has a very different schedule than I do.

That’s nice that you are all so close. So besides the twin reveal, there’s a huge focus on where Sutton and Ethan are headed. What’s to be expected in the coming episodes?

I don’t think anything will ever stop happening with them, just because that’s what’s going to make the show go on. [Laughs]


I think their relationship will always be going hot and cold with each other. It’s the love triangle of the entire show. Ethan, Sutton and Emma. And I think Thayer starts getting involved too because he was with Sutton in L.A. and he’s always had a crush on her. And now he’s spending so much time with Emma and starting to set up that so maybe he and Emma could maybe have a thing. And then there’s Sutton, so who knows!


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