‘The Lying Game’ Interview: Alice Greczyn Details On Her Passions, What Future Roles She’d Love To Snag


Every week fans are awaiting the next twist The Lying Game has in store for them. Will Ethan and Emma soon reach the end of their relationship? Will Mads ever find out about Sutton and Ryan’s past romance? Let alone, what her father Alec truly has been up to? The surprises are there just ready to be revealed, but as many lying gamers of the show know, sometimes its more intriguing to find out more about the actors behind the characters that we watch week after week.

Every actor has to start somewhere in the industry and Alice Greczyn, Sutton’s best friend on the ABC Family series, filled Ology in on how she ended up becoming a Rybak. She also lets us in on some of her other passions in life, what actors she’d be thrilled to work with and what you can often catch her listening to on her iPod. (Which just happens to be Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon. Making us love her even more.)

To Alice, acting wasn’t necessarily her first choice as a career but it definitely seems like it’ll now be in her future. Her first career goal was to be a nurse but playing Mads has opened up a lot more opportunities for the 26-year-old.

“I was living in Colorado with my family and I was homeschooled. So I graduated high school really early. I started college when I was 15 or 16 and I was in nursing school. My plan was to be a nurse,” she explains. “But other than that, as a kid I did compete as a figure skater but my family was really moving around a lot and I wasn’t able to keep that up. I really wanted to be a nurse and travel the world and live and work in different countries. And in the state of Colorado you have to be 18 years old to take the nursing test. So I had a year to kill.” That year really catapulted her into an entirely new exciting career change. “During that time I was also modeling in Denver, and a talent manager from L.A. was scouting for new talent and he met with me through the modeling agency and invited me out for pilot season,” she adds.

Acting may have not been on her radar but she did have some past experience in the field. “I never acted. I never wanted to act. I had been around theater, but I was a children’s costume designer for children’s theater. I mean–that’s my little hidden passion. I just bought a new sewing machine. I thought that if I did anything in the entertainment industry I thought it would be costume design. I really wanted to build each costume, because I love it. So my parents were the ones who talked me into taking a chance on acting in L.A…I moved there with the mentality of ‘Oh I’m just here pretty much on vacation just for a couple of months till I could go back to school an take the test when I’m old enough.’ But I ended up working and that was totally unexpected. I booked, just little things here and there. You know, guest spots here, a commercial here and there. I think it wasn’t until I was living in L.A. for just little over a year, and I booked a role in Fat Albert when I decided, ‘I think maybe I should stick around and see how long this plays out.’ And when I booked Fat Albert I got a California’s drivers license and got my own apartment and I was like, ‘Alright. Let’s just do this for a little while and see how it goes.'”

Well, the acting bug clearly caught on. Alice now enjoys working on the Texas based set and during her downtime takes in what the city has to offer with the rest of the cast. Tyler [Christopher] and Christian [Alexander], who play Dan and Thayer on the series, even took her out to her favorite restaurant in the area to celebrate her birthday earlier in the month. She’s close to every one on set but sometimes its just based on schedules on who she sees more. “Whoever is not working is pretty much whom by default we all end up hanging out with,” she says. “I hang out a lot with Christian and Tyler and Allie [Gonino]. I say those are the ones that I hang out with the most probably. I think I’m always hanging out with the boys –Christian, Tyler and Misha [Crosby] who plays Ryan–because Allie also has a very different schedule than I do.”

The cast has just finished up filming their last episode and season one will be leaving fans with a big cliffhanger. Or at least, that’s what one should expect from this series by now. Season two is up in the air but based on Twitter feeds and ratings, the show should be a clear pickup. But even with a hit on her hands, it’s always interesting to look ahead at what may come.

“I would love to do–after this show–I would love to do maybe something where I get to wear jeans,” she laughs. “I would love to do an action movie maybe. I’d love to do a period piece. I’d love to do something…I’d love to play an adult. I just turned 26 and I’ve been playing high school for my entire career. I think it would be really fun to play with more mature material where I’m not censored and where I have a little bit more creative say and things. That would be my dream part,” she admits. “Something where my creative input is welcome and collaborated with.” And who would be her favorite actor to work alongside of? “Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz,” she states without hesitating.

Creativity is a quality Alice has but it’s just one of many sides of the actress that viewers don’t necessarily get to see every week. “I’m passionate about a lot of different things and it depends. Acting is an incredibly fun job and especially for a person who doesn’t know what they want to be growing up can kind of sample being everything. Maybe one day I’ll get to play a nurse even though I didn’t become a nurse in my primary career. I’m still very interested in health care. I’d love to go back to school for massage therapy or physical therapy. I think nursing school probably would be what I go back for at this point, but I also really love studying psychology. I study a lot by myself. I love learning and I read school textbooks just for fun.”

With all of her passions it was hard to pin down her three favorites. What exactly does she consider her Ologies besides acting? “I love to learn. There are lots of things that I’m crazy about. Food and cooking I’m also crazy about. I love traveling. I just found out that our hiatus might be a little longer that we had initially thought. So if we’re not working in May, I might go to Iceland this year,” she quips. There’s so many to choose from but in the end its “learning, loved ones and creativity.”

Chatting with Alice was like getting to know Mads and then some. Whether it’s her love for food (as seen on her Twitter handle @alicefood) or her healthcare ambitions, Alice is intriguing all on her own besides just playing Mads every Monday night. She’s a breakout that many should begin to watch out for.

That is, if they haven’t already.

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