‘Revenge’ Interview: Christa B. Allen Mulls Over Charlotte’s Alliance With Emily


Charlotte Grayson is well on her way to getting intertwined in the Hamptons drama and luckily for us, Christa B. Allen filled us in on what to expect in the next two episodes. As the daughter of Victoria in the Revengeseries, the girl who until now has only had to deal with her mother’s issues is sure to get caught up in the twists and turns that have been keeping audiences entertained since late September.

The ABC series is back tonight after a two-week hiatus with “Perception” where Charlotte could possibly be finding out that Emily is her real sister. It’s also when Jack Porter comes a blazing, interrupting an ever so icy Grayson family dinner. The engagement beach shooting scene will soon return with “Chaos” and Christa was sweet enough to fill us in on what to expect leading into the biggest episode of the season.

During our chat Christa hints about the Grayson’s keeping her bloodline a secret, a possible alliance with Emily and what to possibly expect from Jack. Seriously, her comment about “Fire and Ice” is leaving us wanting more. So check out what to expect from tonight’s episode and stay tuned for more with the actress. Apparently there’s a Charlotte story line that hasn’t been revealed yet and Christa was just dying to fill us in on it!

So I hear your world is going to be turned upside down tonight! It’s been revealed that Charlotte and Emily are definitely sisters and it seems like you’ll be finding out soon.

[Laughs] Yeah! It basically happens within the Grayson family. That’s the way it kind of goes. It stays in the household but I think once the whole murder-plot is explored a little more in detail we then can start getting into what’s happening in their personal lives. Because someone’s been killed so we have to deal with it first! [Laughs]

The show is so fast paced. Once Charlotte finds out the truth is there a chance she’ll look to Emily as a new ally?

That has been presented as a possibility! You know, in discussion with the fans and with my co-stars and whatnot. But I don’t know what’s in the writer’s heads. I don’t know what kind of direction they’re trying to take it but–I mean it’s tough. It’s tough to figure out if a character really has the capacity or not. A 17-year-old girl who’s been raised by a mother or father–whether or not they’ve done a good job–you really have to consider whether that character has the capacity to do that to someone. You know, she is a Grayson and Grayson’s are known for doing shady things so I guess it’s possible. I’d like to think that Charlotte’s a good person so if it does happen I hope it’s not too violent or detrimental in any big way. I know when I was that age I definitely went to toe-to-toe with my mom sometimes. Not as bad as the Grayson’s!

Yeah, I’m sure she isn’t as icy as Victoria.

Close. No, no, no. Just kidding!

Charlotte may not be getting too dark yet but Jack definitely seems to be getting there. Nick Wechsler had told me that he was ready for a more drastic change to his character before the series circles back to episode 15. What can we expect from him?

He’s in the beginning strokes of it in tonight’s episode. I don’t know how they’re going to take that–what direction they’re going to take it–but all I can say is from the pilot you know who was present at “Fire and Ice.” And it was pretty much all of us so…

You’re killing me! Okay, well you’ve had great guest stars like Ashton Holmes as Tyler and Margarita Levieva as Amanda Clarke and now Grandpa Grayson is coming to town played by William Devane.

Yeah, he’ll be on tonight!

He seems like he could have a hidden motive and is very friendly with Victoria. Could he possibly be going against his own son Conrad?

Umm, I don’t know about that. You know the Grayson’s tend to be so loyal to the family name and its all about keeping that legacy. I think that will always be a part of the Grayson’s, but he’s wonderful. He has this swagger about him.

Will Tyler and Amanda be making their way back to the Hamptons any time soon?

That’s not something they’ve revealed to us yet, no.


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