‘Revenge’ Interview: Gabriel Mann Is Just As Intriguing As His Character


“I’ve been doing a lot of different things for a while now, but it’s just kind of so thrilling to be doing something that you genuinely love so much. I don’t know what that says about me, but I love Revenge so much. It’s just turned out to be something incredibly fun. It’s just a pleasure.”

For Gabriel Mann, who plays the truly indescribable Nolan Ross on the ABC series Revenge, the show for him and for audiences is instant gratification. Well, based off of this very first moment with him, it was clear from the start that the same could easily be said for the actor.

“In really the very short time that we’ve been on the air we’ve already covered so much ground…you may think you’re waiting for this answer, but we’re going to give you this one too on top of it. And we’ll give you that one, and we’re going to do a cliffhanger. How you like me now?” he quips with excitement explaining what the show brings every Wednesday night to viewers. Like is by far an understatement and so is our absolute obsession with Mann.

To many he’s the one to look out for on Twitter when a new episode arrives on our television sets. He’s just ecstatic to watch and just as ready to reach out to fans. We thought Nolan was a favorite on the show—but clearly Gabe is favored on a whole other level. Recently I spoke with Gabe and truth be told—we were able to fit in just as much information as the shows able to do week after week. From the origin of Nolan to the red sharpie return and romances abound, Gabe fills us in on his Hamptons roots and how appreciative he’s been in getting to go along for the ride.

Becoming The Privileged CEO Of Nolcorp

Nolan Ross’ introduction to audiences was simple, to the point and yet very open for questioning–as was every character of the series. But we know better now.  He’s a lot of things but Gabe will be the first to tell you that in reality—he’s pretty indescribable. “He is…actually, no. I can’t,” as he pauses trying to think of the words. “He is the definition of ambiguity and at the same time, he very much wears his heart on his sleeve so that in and of it self is ambiguous. There’s something very genuine and something very covered and I think at the core of this character is really this deep loneliness…I think that’s why when he meets Emily he’s so immediately ready to go on this journey with her. I mean in terms of professionally, there’s not really much he needs, or wants or can do. I mean he can get into politics, but who’s going to vote for him honestly? That’s kind of what’s beautiful about him. There’s a lot of room to find out the ways he covers up his pain.”

“What’s been really interesting more recently is it seems like more and more Nolan is one of the sole voices of reason in this powder keg that’s about to explode. He’s like Chicken Little running around saying the sky is falling and no one wants to believe him.”

There have been a lot of changes for Nolan since the pilot. With only 15 episodes in he’s gone from seeking Emily’s approval to seemingly paying off people for a friendship in return. Now he perhaps is even beginning his own path to making the dark Hamptons a place where police don’t have to mark off a crime scene every time a guy named Tyler comes to destroy and blackmail. Okay, a little too late but as viewers have seen the series hasn’t even scratched the surface on what Nolan is capable of.

In Revenge it seems that every character has a fault, whether it be a relationship that went south or the hope in reaching the end of a debt unpaid, seeking vengeance until the endgame. Nolan’s actions are quite the contrary at this point but as shown, anyone can be led to an inevitable pitfall. “At the same time his emotions dictate what he does occasionally, and as a result there’s a lot of fall-outs which you’ll see coming up,” Gabe reveals. “It’s allowed me a real multi-dimensional character to have fun with and not having ever played anything for the amount of time that I have now played Nolan, I was convinced that I’d be jumping out of my skin sort of ready to play another guy. You know, he’s still fascinating me.” Again, we’ve only scratched the surface.

“If Nolan’s character were an animal, I would call him—he’d be an eel. He’d be an eel with very sharp teeth. He can be very slippery and he’s slick and he’s smooth. But he’s got bite.”

And so do his clothes. What other Hamptons male elite could get away with wearing red at a Fire & Ice engagement party when the celebration clearly designates the men to wear white? Not to mention looking swag all the while. Forget the memorable one-liners Gabe makes his own, he also has a say in the wardrobe department. “For me it’s more the merrier. Originally it would start in my trailer before we would shoot. There’d be some costume options and they would leave a bunch of them in the trailer for me to kind of say, ‘Oh, well I like this shirt but maybe not that tie but oh maybe that ascot.’ But they quickly learned that if they give me too many options in the dressing room, I’m putting it all on.” His laugh is contagious as he adds, “If you thought the summer wardrobe was bananas, wait till winter wardrobe!”

Luckily he didn’t make us wait until the temperature dropped. He may not have given us every detail but the fact that the winter season will soon match the mood of despair makes us anxious to say the least. Daniel may be carted off in handcuffs soon but the dreary skies will soon corner everyone. Gabe flushes out the idea and states that there’s definitely something creepy and honest about the upcoming setting. More issues have come up and just like staying inside during a storm, there’s nowhere to go until situations are resolved.

“There’s something really eerie about the idea of a beach community in the winter when everything is kind of shutdown. And all of a sudden Grayson Manor—a very empty and isolated structure—becomes like the hotel in The Shining.”


Return Of The Red Sharpie With Flashback Surprises

Surprise kill-offs have come in plenty for the ABC series. Frank Stevens, the recently shot Tyler Barrol and let’s not forget that time that Lydia Davis fell off a balcony onto the hood of a taxi and actually survived. A mere death never looked so stunning. Gabe and the rest of the cast are just as taken aback by the paths some storylines are taken. After all, when someone is out for vengeance it’s come apparent that its difficult staying out of any line of danger. The beach-shooting outcome left even Gabe patting the writers on the back. But alas—we haven’t seen anything yet. That scene is quite minimal compared to what’s to come.

Which reminds us—is it all an inside job at this point? Will the red sharpie ever return again? With no hesitation it’s an absolutely from Gabe. “There are a lot of pictures in that box,” he excitedly replies. “There are a lot of people in that photo to sharpie off.” One psycho coming into town isn’t going to stop Emily’s main mission. “So I would say yes. You would not be revenged without the red sharpie. I mean the red sharpie is practically like the other principle character in the show. The red sharpie is not the body on the beach. Let’s put it that way.”

“I think the unspoken motto at Revenge is ‘Go big or go home.’ …If this was the introduction to what this show is, you have no idea where we’re going with this.”

David Clarke’s tapes, Amanda’s reveal, Daniel’s poetry ambitions. The format is always changing and flashbacks are just another way to leave viewers questioning what else to expect before the credits even roll. Flashback montages have been set in motion and they aren’t going anywhere. “Oh yeah flashbacks! There are a whole lot of flashbacks about to come your way,” Gabe exclaims. “I just got a little scoop and fact about that. I’m very excited about something you will see coming in a few weeks or so. I mean I am fascinated by the Nolan Ross and Clarke connection. There’s so much more to reveal about the origins of that relationship and the truth of it. I think it’s going to completely flip everything.”

For many it may seem common for actors to be completely elated to immerse themselves into talking about a creative project they’re currently working on. But truthfully—people who ever thought that are the same people that probably thought Victoria wasn’t going to stay cold as ice for long. Gabe’s a fan himself and just because the cast is one step ahead with scripts doesn’t mean his anticipation to see what’s up ahead is any less than how fans feel.

Working Alongside Different Characters And New Friends

“Aside from all the other great people who have been coming on the show and so forth, we’ve still got so much left to explore in terms of the interpersonal dynamics and psychologies of some of the core characters. We’re already at 15 of 22 so we’ve got a lot of story to tell.”

Nolan and Emily are a gripping duo. Nolan and Jack have turned into a friendship that no one saw coming. Yet, there are so many more possible interactions to mull over. Gabe would love to interact with more actors on set and hopefully for our viewing pleasure—his ideas come true. Put simply he states, “I just think there’s a gold mine in putting me and Madeleine [Stowe] in a room together and watching what might happen,” he explains. “I am dying to see the storylines that put Nolan in a room with Victoria Grayson.”

The growing relationships between Jack Porter and Emily are also something to stay tuned for. “The beauty of the Nolan and Jack and Nolan and Emily relationships is there’s always more to explore. And as things happen, it ultimately alters the course of where those relationships go.” He even brings his own life experiences into play while he discusses how Nolan should continue on with Emily. “In my experience over time, maybe Nolan would smarten up and say this to Emily at some point: ‘Look, karma takes care of everything. Everybody gets what’s coming to them whether you bring it or life brings it.’” Gabe clearly doesn’t have the same vendettas like Emily does on the show but to him there’s such a beautiful excitement in at least getting to play the part. “I don’t think anybody needs to be hell bent on revenge. I really do believe that life takes care of itself; it’s not over night. Sometimes its not as soon as we like, but you hang in there…Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and do nothing. But in the mean time, if you’re gonna give me freedom to do all of this on the show, bring it on!”

“Anything could happen, and it does! And so its so much fun. I love where we’re at with the show and the story. The way the story’s tracking, I think that there are so many layers that we have yet to even get into. And of course I’m looking forward to Nolan’s next love interest. He’s got such interesting taste.”

As in, taste in Tyler and in a possible future romance. “I’m not going to lie,” he teases with every lingering word. “I find the Ashley Davenport part of it all very fascinating and very intriguing. And when Nolan get’s intrigued, things usually happen,” he begins. “I can’t even imagine where the possibilities of that might go. I mean if we teamed up—danger!” Nolan’s smirks and one-liners are absolutely nothing compared to this moment. Gabe continues to explain how if they ever got together Ashley would probably take off five of his layers and change his hair. The two are the most fashion savvy so of course a Pretty Woman episode sequence should also be considered. That is, if that romance ever emerges, of course.

“I love our core group and I think there are places that each of our characters should venture off to and continue to make things complicated and compelling.”

Minus the complicated aspect, this comment could easily be said about his talented close friends. Otherwise known as his costars. For Nolan it seems like his friendships have landed into his lap unexpectedly and the same can be said for Gabe. Turning to ABC every night won’t be just to see Nolan anymore. It’ll be to watch the actor who plays him because just like his character, words can’t describe how wonderful he is. He’s more than grateful for the opportunity to play in the Hamptons for a while and his love for the actors he works with is undeniable.

New Connections And Twitter Followers

“We’re sort of trying to figure out what’s the logical reasoning behind it. Like, ‘Why now? Why Revenge?’

“I guess it’s kind of like the perfect storm of luck, faith, good timing, good writing and fun acting. I’m not trying to analyze it deeply. I’m so happy to be along for the ride right now.”

The concept, the cast and as Gabe points out, the red sharpie, are all reasons for the success of the show it would seem. The dynamic between the actors and the friendships they’ve built off set hasn’t hurt them either. As Gabe puts it, “We’d go anywhere and we’d do anything for each other. I think that’s created on the show a real sense of trust and allows us to take risks. I think as a result something very entertaining comes out of that…I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now.”

Gabe couldn’t be more thankful about the opportunity he has in front of him. As our conversation comes to a close his utmost joy for where he is in his life right now would easily make him a fan favorite. “There’s a whole social life built into this show that I didn’t even know I was missing in my own life until I had it,” he sincerely says. Whether on set or during their downtime, after much consideration he really couldn’t decide on a favorite moment with everyone. They’ve all been enjoyable. So much so that any setting would suffice.

“Let’s all move to Utah and have a big polygamist marriage and get a dog because we all love each other.”

If there’s anyone that needs further evidence of Gabe’s appreciation for the series, look no further but his Twitter page every Wednesday night. He’s just as addicted as the audience and just as intriguing as Nolan.

The storylines may drastically change with every new twist and reveal, but compared to Nolan’s changing wardrobe our positive opinion on Gabe will surely stay the same.

Heck, even if he did move to Utah with the cast he would still be absolutely incredible to speak with.  Sincerity like that doesn’t come around too often.


‘Revenge’ Scoop: The Cast Reveals Their Reactions To The “Chaos” Beach Shooting


Like the rest of us, the cast of Revenge has been waiting not so patiently for the big beach shooting scene to return to our television screens. It’s been five long months since the slaying of one of Hamptons own, and now fans will finally find out what original character is getting killed off in tonight’s Chaos episode.

Not sure about you, but it’s like I’ve been just writing and circling the number 15 with a red sharpie over here for weeks in anticipation.

The Fire and Ice party is set to begin with the celebration of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson’s engagement. Since the cliffhanger there’s been many twists and lies but nothing so prominent as this very moment. Someone we’ve been invested in won’t be returning.

The cast has been tight-lipped since reading the script in January but lucky for us, I recently got the chance to chat with Gabriel Mann, Ashley Madekwe and Christa B. Allen before tonight’s shocking outcome. As in, Nolan, Ashley and Charlotte. As to be expected, they had their guesses on who be killed off but they also gave details on the actual table read. The guys were nervous for their characters and the writers couldn’t help but tease the cast until the very last script was officially bound and handed out.

So check out what they had to say and stay tuned for much, much more with this stunning cast!

The Inevitable Table Reading of Episode 15

“By the time we got the script we knew who it was going to be but it was very late in the day when we got 100% confirmation on who it was going to be. I mean I think everyone knows that this is the kind of show were nobody is 100% safe.” – Ashley Madekwe

“It’s really amazing. I mean, hats off to them. Honestly, this is something that we’re living, day in and day out, every single week and every single month, and it still was like a shock to all of us when it came out. We know for the most part what’s what and who’s who at this moment, but they managed to put so much in it.” – Gabriel Mann

The Guys Were Pretty Nervous About Their Fate

“They didn’t actually give us the script until the table read. We sat down and they gave us the script and we flipped through it before we read it. And it was the sort of thing where I felt pretty safe. We all knew it was a man on the beach but all the guys were nervous. They were like, ‘Oh man, it’s going to be me. I’m going to die.’- Christa B. Allen

“We kept going up to our bosses being like, ‘Can you give us a hint? Can you at least throw us a bone or something? We want to know whether we’re going to be required to come back to work the next day. And the same way we tease when we do interviews, our bosses and writers and producers were teasing us. They were like, ‘We just can’t tell you anything!’ And they kept us on edge.” – Christa B. Allen

The Cast Had Their Guesses On Who Would Die

“There were two people that I thought it could have been. Yeah, there were two people that I suspected might be dead.” So, was she correct in one of her guesses? “Yeah, I was.”- Christa B. Allen

“It really was between two or three people and we all had a general idea of who it would be and when it was confirmed we were like, ‘Yeah, okay. That makes sense.’ Not to say we weren’t disappointed. We all wanted them to write a character in that we haven’t gotten attached to. It’s not going to be a random person. It’s going to be an original character that we’ve all invested in.” – Ashley Madekwe

‘Revenge’ Scoop: Gabriel Mann, Ashley Madekwe Reveal 7 “Chaos” Spoilers


East Coasters–we are an hour away. West Coasters–hang in there. There is so much anticipation leading up to tonight’s Revenge episode that it truly feels like it should be a season finale. Lucky for us though, it’s just number 15. So here’s to the Chaos that the ABC series has been promising us for months. Here’s to the moment when viewers find out who dies on the beach and who watches in horror at the aftermath.

The chill of the Fire and Ice night is upon us and there’s so many more details to uncover! Gabriel Mann and Ashley Madekwe (who should seriously get together soon–as Nolan and Ashley, of course) recently gave us some huge exclusives for what to expect tonight. Besides the Hamptons murder the two actors dished about the infinity box, how it was to shoot the latest episode and huge SPOILER ALERT–how the beach scene debacle isn’t even the biggest moment of the season!

Expect the unexpected, folks. As Gabe puts it, “a murder is fairly benign compared to what is potentially coming down the pipe.”

1. Infinity Box Taker Is Revealed

“We are now shooting episode 17 so yes, we already know who took it. I mean the episode that you saw really kept you at the edge of your seat!”

So will we be finding out the RSVP attendee tonight?

“I think we do, yeah.” – Ashley Madekwe

2. Chaos Is Shot In An Entirely New Perspective Compared To Pilot

“We reshot all that footage. I think maybe except for Christa [Charlotte] running up on the dock, maybe. Maybe they reshot that when I wasn’t there. But yeah, I asked Mike [Kelley] about it. We’re shooting it from a different perspective so you see different things going on that are a broader view of the story lines.”– Ashley Madekwe 

“What was so interesting about shooting 15, the Chaos episode, was kind of revisiting where we were at, you know almost a year ago and like when none of us knew what would happen with the show…And here we are revisiting those costumes, those scenes and the dialogue. I got such a pleasure reading about the Fire and Ice party again and all of the things that happened off-screen from the pilot that you didn’t get to see but are now revealed in this episode. They did such a masterful job of combining pieces of the pilot into a real near perfect recreation of that night and sort of all the additional things that nobody knew were happening at the time. Because when we were going into it I was saying, ‘What did I mean when I said that? What was I talking about?’ And they were like, ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry. We’ll tell you. We’ll show you. Everything will be revealed.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, great.’ And when I saw how they did it I was like, ‘Oh my God. Guys, hats off!Hats off. And a double popped collar to you man. This is unbelievable. You get the quadruple pop for this.”-Gabriel Mann

3. Shooting Moment Won’t Be The Final Scene

“I can’t remember! That episode–it’s interesting–okay so Fire and Ice was the engagement party and not the wedding. So you–the wedding we’re shooting–the shooting happened in the course of the engagement party. So it will be, I would say in the last segment but not in the last moment.”– Ashley Madekwe

4. Tyler May Make A Return

“I don’t think they could ever–I mean locking up Tyler, is that ever going to be enough to keep him away? He’s such a good character.”– Ashley Madekwe

5. Murderer Won’t Be Unknown For Long

“With this show it’s never as simple as you think it would be. But at the same time, they’re not looking to withhold answers for endless, endless seasons and periods of time. I think initially the sort of concept of the show was to flesh out this thing that had happened but in the process of doing that they found so many new paths to take that it really is just the tip of the iceberg.”- Gabriel Mann

6. The Killer May Surprise You

“You know, we all had our theories on set. All the actors were like, ‘Oh she did it, he did it.’ Any of us could have done it, but what they came up with, none of us expected. I was like, ‘Really? None of us figured that out?'”- Gabriel Mann

7. Beach Shooting Is Minimal Compared To What’s To Come

“At this point, a murder is fairly benign compared to what is potentially coming down the pipe. So in having some success with the show, it’s kind of opened up a whole other world of possibilities and the way that this particular part of the story coming up with Fire and Ice sort of comes together.” – Gabriel Mann

*Now go back and read those spoilers again. Are we really supposed to think that Daniel is the one that gets killed? Does Tyler come back tonight? Is Jack really the killer? Their answers could be telling us something. After all, it is our perspective now. Isn’t it?

‘The Lying Game’ Interview: Alice Greczyn Reveals Mads’ Twin Reaction, A Possible Future Romance


Alice Greczyn and The Lying Game cast have just wrapped season one and the actress has revealed all the last minute spoilers for you diehard fans. The sweet Greczyn, who plays Mads Rybak on the ABC Family series, recently chatted with Ology about the seasons end. What will come of Alec and Andy? Will Alec’s sneaky ways begin to unravel? Will Derek’s killer be found out? And what is seriously up with Ethan and Sutton’s recent chemistry?

Alice was so sweet to give us all the details and even shared how tonight’s upcoming episode “No Country For Young Love” will begin. Mads has just found out about Sutton and Emma and she’s sure to have an opinion on it. The question is: Will she forgive everything Sutton’s done and keep it a secret? Or will she decide to just team up with Emma?

So excited to talk about everything Lying Game. Audiences were just left with Mads finding out about Emma and Sutton’s secret. What can we expect now?

ALICE GRECZYN: When the next episode picks up, after Emma had a chance to do a little bit of explaining, you never exactly see how Mads reacts in the heat of the moment. So by the time you see her in the next episode, it opens with Mads, Thayer and Emma all together talking about how she kept it a secret for so long. So I think Mads’ probably incredulous. I remember when we shot that scene. We shot it with a variety of different endings. So sometimes I say, “Why?” or a “What is she thinking about? or “You’re crazy” or “You need help.” It’s a very difficult thing to imagine how you’d react if your best friend told you that…


Insane asylum. Like I was literally thinking she needed help because such a thing never crosses people’s minds. I think Mads would probably think that Emma has been slowly loosing her mind and has been acting really bipolar lately and should probably seek medical treatment. I think Mads probably didn’t really believe it until she confirmed it with Sutton. And I imagine she would need to see proof of like pictures of the two separate ones, and hear the whole story…Like I said, when the episode picks up it opens with me being like, “Wow, so your whole family doesn’t have a clue. That’s so brave of you to keep a secret so long. I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out.” So I think overall Mads reacts positive to Emma. She supports Emma and she feels really bad for the way she treated Emma because Sutton is really the one who she’s upset with. And she’s pretty upset with Sutton for the rest of the season. But as far as Emma is concerned, she becomes much more of a friend to Emma and definitely supports her with unraveling all of the many mysteries that are in the lying game.

Mads jumping on the bandwagon will be very interesting to see.  Will Ryan be kept in the dark? Are you the only character that’s going to know for a while?

I think so. Yeah, I mean, as far as I know none of the other characters know besides me and [those] that already know. I think I’m the only character in the season, in this back ten episodes that we have, that figures it out. Laurel and the family are still in the dark about it. Obviously like now the whole Ryback family knows, my dad, my brother knew already so…although we don’t know that my dad knows. It’s such a confusing show!

Well, speaking of your dad. Alec is definitely up to something and that whole Rebecca storyline is getting serious. Do fans find out soon what his hand is in all of this?

Yes, he definitely has a bad side. I think I grew up with that bad side. I think at the same time Alec, I think his family is probably the one area that he does not want to have that bad side come out in. I think he’s always been very supportive of us as kids and has always tried his best anyways [but] I think in the next few episodes that will be airing there’s definitely a major point of contention in our family. Mads, her dad, her brother, all three of us are definitely–I guess more me and Thayer, all the stuff going on with my dad I sort of become increasingly privy to and it’s hard. I don’t think I really should go into much detail! [Laughs]. I could get in trouble. Let’s just say that things in the Ryback family definitely become very strained and Alec is definitely at the root of it all.

Do we find out more about Derek’s killing? Have you read the last script yet?

Yes, yes. Well I know we’re shooting it now. This is our last week. Yes of course there will be a cliffhanger in the finale and it does have to do with Derek. It does have to do with Dan and with Alec and I think every story line kind of gets its own little cliffhanger. Alec and Rebecca, and Ted and Kristin. There’s definitely a lot going on in the adult world relationships. So I would kind of say in my opinion, the finale is more with cliffhangers on the adult section than with the kids.

Your fan base on Twitter is so big. Recently Allie Gonino commented that the whole cast had a wrap party.

Yeah, we had a little wrap party in a local bar lounge place here in Austin. It was fun. You know wrap parties are always–it’s always fun to see everyone outside of their work and outside of their work clothes. That’s the best thing about wrap parties. Other than that, I’m not much of a party person in general, so I always tend to feel a little bit anxious because it’s so rare that I walk into a party and know every single person there. That kind of makes me feel good because I just find my little group and pretty much just stay just there for the entire night. [Laughs] At wrap parties you know everyone and they’re kind of all in the same room and they’re not working and so there’s just so many people to try and say hello to. It can get a little bit overwhelming but it was really nice for the producer’s to throw us a wrap party and just fun to have one last ‘hoorah’ before we all get back to work and then go in our separate ways.

Exactly, and Texas just seems like so much fun. Is there talk about a second season yet?

We’re waiting on a season 2 pick up and our Executive Producer Chuck Pratt has been doing his best to keep us in the loop about every possible detail. At the end of the day, nothing is official. We are not officially picked up. It’s not absolute or official whether we will know or not. Hopefully we’ll know by the end of February…I mean everyone felt positive, but who doesn’t sound positive? [Laughs]

Let’s hope it does! It’s clearly a great show.  Who would you say you’re the closest to on set?

I hang out–you know honestly, it depends on the schedule. I’m close to pretty much everyone, but we all have very different schedules. And so whoever is not working is pretty much whom by default we all end up hanging out with. It depends on our schedule. Meaning I spend very little time hanging out with Alex [Chando] or with Blair [Redford]. They both have very opposite schedules from me. I hang out a lot with Christian [Alexander] and Tyler [Christopher] and Allie. I say those are the ones that I hang out with the most probably. I think I’m always hanging out with the boys–Christian, Tyler and Misha  [Crosby], who plays Ryan, because Allie also has a very different schedule than I do.

That’s nice that you are all so close. So besides the twin reveal, there’s a huge focus on where Sutton and Ethan are headed. What’s to be expected in the coming episodes?

I don’t think anything will ever stop happening with them, just because that’s what’s going to make the show go on. [Laughs]


I think their relationship will always be going hot and cold with each other. It’s the love triangle of the entire show. Ethan, Sutton and Emma. And I think Thayer starts getting involved too because he was with Sutton in L.A. and he’s always had a crush on her. And now he’s spending so much time with Emma and starting to set up that so maybe he and Emma could maybe have a thing. And then there’s Sutton, so who knows!

‘The Lying Game’ Interview: Alice Greczyn Details On Her Passions, What Future Roles She’d Love To Snag


Every week fans are awaiting the next twist The Lying Game has in store for them. Will Ethan and Emma soon reach the end of their relationship? Will Mads ever find out about Sutton and Ryan’s past romance? Let alone, what her father Alec truly has been up to? The surprises are there just ready to be revealed, but as many lying gamers of the show know, sometimes its more intriguing to find out more about the actors behind the characters that we watch week after week.

Every actor has to start somewhere in the industry and Alice Greczyn, Sutton’s best friend on the ABC Family series, filled Ology in on how she ended up becoming a Rybak. She also lets us in on some of her other passions in life, what actors she’d be thrilled to work with and what you can often catch her listening to on her iPod. (Which just happens to be Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon. Making us love her even more.)

To Alice, acting wasn’t necessarily her first choice as a career but it definitely seems like it’ll now be in her future. Her first career goal was to be a nurse but playing Mads has opened up a lot more opportunities for the 26-year-old.

“I was living in Colorado with my family and I was homeschooled. So I graduated high school really early. I started college when I was 15 or 16 and I was in nursing school. My plan was to be a nurse,” she explains. “But other than that, as a kid I did compete as a figure skater but my family was really moving around a lot and I wasn’t able to keep that up. I really wanted to be a nurse and travel the world and live and work in different countries. And in the state of Colorado you have to be 18 years old to take the nursing test. So I had a year to kill.” That year really catapulted her into an entirely new exciting career change. “During that time I was also modeling in Denver, and a talent manager from L.A. was scouting for new talent and he met with me through the modeling agency and invited me out for pilot season,” she adds.

Acting may have not been on her radar but she did have some past experience in the field. “I never acted. I never wanted to act. I had been around theater, but I was a children’s costume designer for children’s theater. I mean–that’s my little hidden passion. I just bought a new sewing machine. I thought that if I did anything in the entertainment industry I thought it would be costume design. I really wanted to build each costume, because I love it. So my parents were the ones who talked me into taking a chance on acting in L.A…I moved there with the mentality of ‘Oh I’m just here pretty much on vacation just for a couple of months till I could go back to school an take the test when I’m old enough.’ But I ended up working and that was totally unexpected. I booked, just little things here and there. You know, guest spots here, a commercial here and there. I think it wasn’t until I was living in L.A. for just little over a year, and I booked a role in Fat Albert when I decided, ‘I think maybe I should stick around and see how long this plays out.’ And when I booked Fat Albert I got a California’s drivers license and got my own apartment and I was like, ‘Alright. Let’s just do this for a little while and see how it goes.'”

Well, the acting bug clearly caught on. Alice now enjoys working on the Texas based set and during her downtime takes in what the city has to offer with the rest of the cast. Tyler [Christopher] and Christian [Alexander], who play Dan and Thayer on the series, even took her out to her favorite restaurant in the area to celebrate her birthday earlier in the month. She’s close to every one on set but sometimes its just based on schedules on who she sees more. “Whoever is not working is pretty much whom by default we all end up hanging out with,” she says. “I hang out a lot with Christian and Tyler and Allie [Gonino]. I say those are the ones that I hang out with the most probably. I think I’m always hanging out with the boys –Christian, Tyler and Misha [Crosby] who plays Ryan–because Allie also has a very different schedule than I do.”

The cast has just finished up filming their last episode and season one will be leaving fans with a big cliffhanger. Or at least, that’s what one should expect from this series by now. Season two is up in the air but based on Twitter feeds and ratings, the show should be a clear pickup. But even with a hit on her hands, it’s always interesting to look ahead at what may come.

“I would love to do–after this show–I would love to do maybe something where I get to wear jeans,” she laughs. “I would love to do an action movie maybe. I’d love to do a period piece. I’d love to do something…I’d love to play an adult. I just turned 26 and I’ve been playing high school for my entire career. I think it would be really fun to play with more mature material where I’m not censored and where I have a little bit more creative say and things. That would be my dream part,” she admits. “Something where my creative input is welcome and collaborated with.” And who would be her favorite actor to work alongside of? “Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz,” she states without hesitating.

Creativity is a quality Alice has but it’s just one of many sides of the actress that viewers don’t necessarily get to see every week. “I’m passionate about a lot of different things and it depends. Acting is an incredibly fun job and especially for a person who doesn’t know what they want to be growing up can kind of sample being everything. Maybe one day I’ll get to play a nurse even though I didn’t become a nurse in my primary career. I’m still very interested in health care. I’d love to go back to school for massage therapy or physical therapy. I think nursing school probably would be what I go back for at this point, but I also really love studying psychology. I study a lot by myself. I love learning and I read school textbooks just for fun.”

With all of her passions it was hard to pin down her three favorites. What exactly does she consider her Ologies besides acting? “I love to learn. There are lots of things that I’m crazy about. Food and cooking I’m also crazy about. I love traveling. I just found out that our hiatus might be a little longer that we had initially thought. So if we’re not working in May, I might go to Iceland this year,” she quips. There’s so many to choose from but in the end its “learning, loved ones and creativity.”

Chatting with Alice was like getting to know Mads and then some. Whether it’s her love for food (as seen on her Twitter handle @alicefood) or her healthcare ambitions, Alice is intriguing all on her own besides just playing Mads every Monday night. She’s a breakout that many should begin to watch out for.

That is, if they haven’t already.

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Exclusive: Donald Trump, Arsenio Hall, Debbie Gibson Reveal Explosive Rivals In New Season


The new season of Celebrity Apprentice premieres on Feb. 19 and there’s sure to be some nasty fights along the way. The new cast is playing for charity but the restless hours and not wanting to hear “You’re Fired” will ultimately lead to some scheming and rivalries. I just got off the phone with Donald Trump (seriously, who says that?) along with contestants Debbie Gibson and Arsenio Hall about the NBC hit. Forget the meet and greets and forget the ‘friendly’ competition. Frankly, we just wanted to find out which entertainers went at each other’s throats in this new round.

And luckily, we found out way more than first expected. One simple question ultimately took us on a tailspin. Who kept going after the pageant queen? Who ended up crying for half the season? Why is Arsenio so happy to be alive and who’s deemed as this season’s Meat Loaf? Read on to find out.

The show is such a success with the charities but also conflict ensues with trying to win and you have such great personalities on the show. Were there any specific heated rivals this season that you didn’t necessarily expect would happen?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, Arsenio had a great rival but I’ll tell you there was one rivalry that was very interesting. Lisa Lampanelli verses Miss. Universe, Dayana Mendoza.


TRUMP: And that was an unbelievable rivalry. I don’t know what it is that Lisa had against Dayana but it was–it was brutal. You know, Lisa’s tough and smart but it was brutal. Wouldn’t you say so Arsenio and Debra? It was a tough rivalry I thought.

DEBBIE GIBSON: It was and I think, you know, people were very hard on Dayana. She’s a beauty queen. People think beauty queens can’t be creative and resourceful and smart and I found myself standing up for her quite often actually. I thought they were extra hard on her.

TRUMP: But she ended up being very smart. She was actually, in a very understated way–she turned out to be very smart. But Lisa, I mean, she went after Dayana. It was brutal. There were others. Arsenio you had a particular problem.

HALL: I had a problem with everybody! [Laughs] I had a problem with Victoria Gotti. I’m happy to be alive today.

TRUMP: [Laughs]

HALL: Lisa was really on me. Lisa was our Meat Loaf of the season.

TRUMP: Right. [Laughs] And Lisa surprised me because she’s much more emotional than I thought she’d be. Not just in terms of a tough–she turned out to be much more emotional.

HALL: I never imagined that she would cry and her and Lou Ferrigno cried every hour.

TRUMP: Lou was another one. Lou’s a great character actually but a very emotional person.

HALL: Don’t make him mad!

GIBSON: Coming into the show and when you watch the show as a fan you wonder how much of the relationship issues are provoked maybe by participants or whatever and what I learned was all of the roller coaster rivalry relationships are real. You’re in close quarters with people, you don’t get along with everybody. I usually get along with everybody–I had my share of rubbing elbows with somebody, but then it would take a turn and one day you would be getting a long and somebody that you thought you liked show some colors you didn’t like and that would take a turn. All of that stuff is real, which is one of the biggest surprises for me. [Laughs]

TRUMP: That’s right! Debra had somebody in particular that really went after you about which I never understood why. But you had somebody that was not so nice to you, right Debra?

GIBSON: Yep, yep. And then it turned. And now we’re actually friends. [Laughs]


GIBSON: Go figure.

TRUMP: So there was a lot of conflict. I do say this–this was a very, very smart cast. I think people are going to learn a lot from Celebrity Apprentice. I think this was a very, very–I’ve had emotional casts and this was one of them–but this was a very, very smart group of people as a whole.

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see it!

Interview: Judy Greer Details On Oscar Nominated ‘Descendants’ Film, Confirms Our Admiration For Her


Judy Greer is that kind of actress that anyone would be truly lucky to interview. Whether the conversation be about a current project, a past role or just to chat about working hard and just following through with something you love to do. Let’s just say I consider myself quite fortunate that I was able to speak with her and I wasn’t shy admitting it.

Greer has a memorable face because it’s probably quite difficult going through a whole week without seeing her somewhere on television. For me it was The Wedding Planner in 2001 as the quirky friend Penny that hooked me. Since then she’s moved on to appearing in 13 Going on 30, The Village, Elizabethtown, 27 Dresses, Love and Other Drugs and can currently be seen in the Oscar contenderThe Descendants. Not to mention her guest spots in some of the biggest small screen hits like Arrested Development, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

During our chat Judy revealed that she loves both television and film and searches for any kind of role. Recently she just struck a deal to star and executive produce a new ABC comedy pilot titled American Judy. Just signifying her role as a household name once again.

But enough of the girl crush moment–talking with Judy is simply the perfect way to end a day. We talked George Clooney, her passions besides acting and her scene-stealer ways. Not to mention–how L.A. really does have awful traffic.

Wow. Well, you are one of my favorite actresses and I know we only have a few minutes so I’ll get right to it.

Oh, you’re so sweet, thank you by the way.

You’re just great and your work in The Descendants shows that. What drew you to the film and your role Julie? 

Well, Alexander [Payne]. [Laughs] The script is amazing, the role is amazing but I would have done anything he was directing.

What’s it been like hearing all of this Oscar buzz for it?

It’s really exciting! I agree with it and I’m excited to be part of the movie and to be doing this kind of press for a movie. It’s all new for me. It’s nice not to have to come and go, you know?

Absolutely. You can hold on to it for a bit longer. I was talking to Nick Krause on how the film is like an emotional roller coaster, up and down. What do you think audiences will take away from it?

That’s a really good question. I think it’s a movie about forgiveness. I feel like maybe audiences will take away really enjoying two hours of amazing film making or they’ll see something a little deeper in their own lives that could affect the choices they make in the future.

Would you consider yourself like your character? 

I think I’m kind of like all my characters I play. I bring a lot of myself to my roles. And in this situation, I felt like I was similar to Julie. Gosh, I don’t know off the top of my head but I felt like there was, like a I had a real sense of comfort when I was playing her. She wanted to have a nice, normal life and things got really turned around for her and she was trying to deal with it the best way she knew how.

You’re married to Matthew Lillard in the movie and there’s of course George Clooney. How was it working with them?

Well, working with George is always a pleasure because he is very fun, as I’m sure you’ve heard. He’s very professional and really compassionate and I’ve worked with him before he was a director. I wouldn’t say he’s changed since he’s been a director but he’s very conscious of the process, how every actor’s process is different and he’s really mindful of that when we’re doing scenes together. And working with Matthew Lillard, it was really a pleasure. He’s so positive and happy. I really think he’s a real artist. He cares so much about acting and about his work and that’s always inspiring when I work with people who love what they do. So many people are complainers!


Yeah! So many people just complain all the time!

I get what you mean! It’s especially kind of weird when people with great careers complain. It’s nice when people are appreciative of what they have.

Yeah I always think so too. I mean there are always things to complain about, but it’s amazing to me what people come up with.

[Laughs] What’s a specific scene in the film that you’re really proud of or you just enjoyed acting in the most?

I guess I felt that the scene on the beach was very simple and I liked how simple and easy that scene came together. The scene where George Clooney’s character talks to me for the first time. There was a lightness I felt when we were shooting it that I really loved. He’s asking me what I’m doing, if I live on the island. He’s trying to get information out of me but I don’t know that. I just think he’s a man talking to me on the beach. And I really like that scene because two different people are doing two different things. You know, I’m just chatting with the guy and he’s got a whole different agenda.

What’s one memory you would take away from set?

I remember one night when we were shooting the scene on the deck and it was raining intermittently, and it would rain and we would all go inside and sit in the house and hang out and talk and then it would stop so we would go back outside and keep shooting. I remember all of us sitting in the house together and hanging out and just chatting and talking about acting and life and I just remember it being really fun.

That’s nice!

Really! The company of actors.

You’re such a scene-stealer in every project you do. Some actors don’t like to be type casted but in every movie you seem to be somewhat of a comedic relief. What’s one of your favorite characters you’ve played?

Well I loved my role in The TV Set. That was the movie with Sigourney Weaver and David Duchovny that Jake Kasdan wrote and directed. I play David Duchovny’s manager who doesn’t know anything about Hollywood. I loved that whole job and I loved that character–just unapologetically misinformed and uneducated about what she does for a living. I also loved being Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Developmentbecause she is totally crazy. Like over the top crazy. So really with that role and that cast, anything goes.

You’ve done so many guest spots too like Modern Family. Is there a chance you’ll be back? 

I loved Modern Family.

You were so hilarious!

Ah so fun! I love Modern Family. I don’t know if I’ll be back—I would love to go back. I loved playing the weirdo lady on My Name is Earl. [Laughs] She was so weird and cool. Those are the two cools ones.

Because of the comedic roles, do you consider yourself funny?

Yeah I don’t know if I’m that funny in real life…but I certainly try to be! I try to make people laugh. My publicist is nodding her head. [Laughs]

You’ve worked with so many people, so many people have worked with you. Is there anyone else you hope to collaborate with?

I’d love to be directed by George Clooney and I’d love to be in Tom McCarthy’s next movie.

What’s three passions you have besides acting? 

I’m passionate about the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I’m passionate about reading. And gosh, I guess food. I’m not a good cook but I really like eating. I would like to say something way cooler. [Laughs] I really like this place in downtown L.A. called Homeboy Industries. It’s amazing; it’s a gang rehabilitation program. I think it’s a really cool organization. It’s really special and I think there are so many great charities and foundations and organizations. I support a lot of them but this one is something that is making an impact on the actual place I live.

That’s awesome. I was just going to ask what you do on your downtime when not acting.

I drive around L.A. in traffic [Laughs].

What a pain! I know you did ballet years ago. When was the moment you knew you wanted to start acting?

It happened very organically for me my whole career, so it wasn’t until a few years after I started acting that I realized how scared I was that I wouldn’t be able to do it [ballet] forever. And I was like, “Wow I really love this, I really care about this. I want this to be the thing I do with my life.” It was cool because I wasn’t so very driven in the beginning I just felt, ‘Oh I need to get jobs so I can support myself.” And yeah, I guess I had some kind of Aha moment. I was like “Okay yeah, this is it.”

You seem so natural. Did you not have lessons?

Oh no, gosh I trained like crazy! Even then I was like, ‘Oh I could always go to grad school and do something else.’

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t an actress?

I think about that all the time. If I had to quit acting now and do something else I don’t know what I would do. I don’t know! I don’t have a sense of what I’m good at anymore. I can’t really use computers and I think you have to use a computer for almost everything these days. So I don’t know.

Haha, okay. So one last question. You do both film and television. Are you always looking for the next project?

I search for everything. I’m still sort of a medium list. I’m still not partial. I like good projects and good people.