‘The Lying Game’ Interview: Misha Crosby On His New Character And Possible Love Interest


Get ready fanatics! The news is clearly true. Newcomer Misha Crosby is joining The Lying Game cast and will soon be pursuing Madeline. But did you know that the role of Ryan Harwell wasn’t what Misha originally tried out for? Did you know the role was first going to be American and that he may even stick around for the very last episode of the season? Well, now you do and just you wait. Misha even reveals that Thayer may have some hidden motives when it comes to Ryan dating his sister. Could Ryan even have some involvement in the debacle that is Sutton and Emma? He kept quite mum on that subject, which only makes for some killing anticipation.

So here it is. Everything you’ve been waiting for. After getting to chat with Misha, it’s quite obvious that he is just as charming as his new role. He even promised (after some pursuing) that he may sign up for a Twitter account just like the rest of the cast.

You’re welcome.

Now The Lying Game—it’s your first television show in the states.

MISHA CROSBY: First television show in the U.S. I’ve had a few independent projects, on the go, but first actually legit telly job. And it’s really lovely to be working here.

Well you’ve got yourself a great job. The Lying Game has such a large fan base. What was the first day on set like?

Well, I have to say, everybody in that cast is probably right up there with the nicest group of people I’ve worked with, all of them. Other than being entirely lovely, they are a very attractive cast. It’s a nice place to be.

[Laughs] Especially since everyone – you’re 24 – so everyone’s around the same age, right?

Yeah. We’re all in and around that age. I know Blair [Redford] just a bit older and Randy [Wayne] has got some deal going on with Dorian Gray. If I told you his real age, I’m not sure you’d believe me…wait, let me look it up. Yeah, Randy’s a bit older as well, but there’s no trouble with that. [Laughs] Everybody hangs out. We don’t feel like there’s any age difference between us.

The Lying Game is so suspenseful and it has so many spoilers to spill…I hope! Tell us about your character Ryan Harwell.

Well, I actually auditioned for a different role first. I auditioned for the role of Baz, which a lovely guy called Adam Brooks is playing.

Oh, wow.

He’s probably more suited for that role than me. And I think I’m more suited to Ryan, so it worked out great…the casting director, said, ‘hey why don’t you read for this one.’ So I came back and I did. It was initially an American character, actually. I was ready to play him that way. Then a couple of days before shooting I found out they wanted him British.

What an interesting surprise!

Yeah, I was fine with that. Well, we did it both ways in the audition and they liked the British. So with Ryan, he’s a kid with a past. He’s been expelled through numerous, numerous boarding schools and his dad is a very wealthy. He used to go to [the] High School, so he’s got history with all of these characters as well. So he’s not coming in a total newbie. The more and more it goes on, the more you’ll find out about what happened in the past and different stuff that happened with Alexandra [Chando], the lead character. And he had a crush on Madeline Rybak I think back in the ninth grade. And so he’s able to come back where he makes his intentions clear as day that he’d like to date her.

So essentially he is a new character, as in it’s the first time the audience is seeing him. But we find out that he has a past with these people, and we’ll see all of that come about?

Basically. Yeah. He comes in on episode 13.

That’s awesome. Will he start trouble at all and get involved with what Sutton and Emma are dealing with? Or will he just be getting romantic with Madeline for the first few episodes?

He initially comes in, I think, looking to start fresh. There’s a bit of mischief there as well, but he hasn’t got nothing on Sutton. [Laughs] He’s mainly there at the moment to be with Madeline but I came to know pretty much week by week what they have in store. The writers change around what’s going to happen almost every other day it seems. What was going to happen one week, they say ‘oh, no we think we’re going to go another way.’ That show keeps taking a turn, that’s for sure.

Are there any other characters you work with specifically?

I’ve been working a lot with the lovely Alice Greczyn (Madeline Rybak), who is just so nice. When I first came out she came over and gave me a proper greeting so she was able to relax me for the first day. A bit with Alexandra [Chando] (Sutton Mercer) as well. And I started to work with Christian [Alexander] who plays Thayer [Rybak].

That’s interesting.

With him playing Madeline’s brother, he may have ulterior motives as to why he wants to push my and Madeline’s relationship.


Yeah. Thayer is very keen on us getting together, and it may or may not explain why as to why in the future, if that’s the case.

So there’s no chance he’ll be involved in the Sutton and Emma debacle? Or will he just be doing his own thing on the side.

He could be.


But hey, I have no idea. I do not have the script for 20. But Charles Pratt, the writer and executive producer has me back for the last few episodes of the season. So when I get through, I’ll be looking through with a magnifying glass as to what comes up. It’s kind of exciting that way.

I think everyone’s going to love your character because it seems he’s definitely going to change things up.  What’s the first scene that viewers will see you in?

First scene up I’m at the high school and I spot Madeline…and I’m pretty direct.  And I ask her for a date out. We have one previous date before, goes a few years back and I’m trying for a follow up even after years have passed. There’s a bit of resistance, but she comes around. Because, I would hope, Ryan’s charming enough to win her over.

You’re right. You definitely seem like a charmer! How many episodes are you signed on for?

As far as I know, I’m recurring on there. So it’s sort of when they tell me. I know I’ve got probably 19-20, which are the final two of this first season, and I’m very much hoping it will get picked up for a second cause I’d love to do some more on it.

How many episodes have you done so far?

I’ve shot four episodes already.

There are so many diehard fans on Twitter for this show. I don’t know if you have a Twitter, I know some of the actors do.

Yeah, I don’t have one yet. I may just end up getting a Twitter as well. I mean it’s just a great way to just speak directly to the fans.

Exactly. And I think you’ll get a ton of followers because a lot of people were really excited knowing I was going to interview you.

They’re really passionate. A lot have come up before it even aired. It’s been a very nice thing to see.

So for the fans, how would you describe Ryan Harwell in just a few words?

Umm, without sounding self-important. [Laughs] I’m going to say, you can call Ryan Harwell, I mean, hopefully charming. An edge of sarcastic humor, and intent on getting what he wants.


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