The Lying Game’ Exclusive: Allie Gonino Shares 5 Spoilers From “Pleased To Meet Me”


Laurel Mercer just got dumped by Justin Miller and well, she doesn’t seem to be grabbing the tissues any more in tonight’s all new Lying Game episode, “Pleased to Meet Me.” While chatting with the beautiful Allie Gonino recently she let us in on some very juicy details that viewers will sure want to stay tuned for. Allie tweeted a few days ago about singing on the show with her actual band The Good Mad, but she also uncovers some spoilers about Justin and that bracelet. Better yet, she can’t help but spill on some Sutton news too. Looks like Sutton and Emma will have to team up once again so that they aren’t found out.

Oh, and let’s not forget about that Lying Game soundtrack fans have been wondering about. Allie responded to what she thinks about a possible album too. Check out the reveals below.

1. Sutton’s Return And How It Plays Out

“Not to give away too much. You know, they have to keep up, they’re still keeping up the illusion that there’s only one, so the next episode is about them trying to juggle both places. But uh, they haven’t. The killer’s out there so they don’t want, you know, anyone to know there are two of them and they’re together, so that’s what the next episode is going to be about.”

2. The Justin Debacle

What’s going on with your character and Justin? That was such a surprise split.

“Wasn’t it? No one expected it.”

It was so annoying.

“I know! Yes, well you’ll find out in this episode that’s premiering on Monday what’s up with all that and it definitely does have something to do with Ted and his relationship with the bracelet. But I can’t give away too much.”

Does Laurel find out?

“Yes, Laurel finds out.”

3. On If Baz Will Appear Alongside Ryan Harwell On “Pleased to Meet Me”

“Yes. Big, big episode. Like, a lot of crazy stuff happens actually. Adam Brooks’ character, Baz, is the lead singer of this band who is playing at this ballet benefit.”

4. Laurel’s Surprise Gig On Tonight’s Episode

“Well, I can’t give away. Oh well, I guess that news has already come out, but Laurel gets to sing on stage for the first time. It was really fun and I can’t wait to see how it plays on TV. We’re actually playing and singing an original song of ours that Adam wrote called “What Money Paid For.” It is really exciting. It doesn’t even feel real. Like, sometimes I pinch myself and I’m like what is going on here? It’s totally a dream.”

5. On If There Will Be A Lying Game Soundtrack

“I have no idea. I haven’t heard anything but if it’s possible that would be really cool.”


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