Midseason Rush: ‘Revenge’s’ Ashley Madekwe Teases Daniel’s Shooting, Hopes For Darker Side


Revenge has come a long way since Ashley Davenport first did the go around by introducing Emily Thorne to the few and fortunate in the Hampton’s circle. There’s been deaths, love triangles and an Amanda Clarke addition that no one saw coming. Now the series returns for its eleventh episode this coming Wednesday with anticipation and pleasure. No guilt needed. It leads off with Tyler Barrol coming out with a vengeance and literally pointing the gun at everyone in his path. Check out the ten minute promo for “Duress” here. 

Another exclusive with Ashley: Previous Tyler spoilers

Ashley Madekwe has talked with Ology before about her character’s tumultuous relationship with Tyler, and now details even more about the cast and behind the scenes moments. Not to mention reasons why any fanatic would want to read on–she delves into Daniel’s shooting and a possible darker side to her role. Remember, viewers should know by now to never expect the obvious. The body pinned head first to the sand may not be Victoria and Conrad’s son.

Did you ever think that the show was going to get so big?

No! I guess you don’t ever think that. I realize now—I’ve done three pilots—two of which have been picked up. I don’t think you can ever count on knowing what people want to watch and what people will enjoy. I mean all of the jobs that I’ve done I honestly have thought that they’re good but sometimes, for whatever reason, things just don’t click. But with this one, everything just fell into place at the right time! The stars were aligned.

Well so happy it did! It’s so addicting because you never know what will happen next. Are you one to snoop around and try to find out from the writers? 

Yeah! And I think anyone on a network television show probably do because you really don’t know what’s coming from one episode to the next. So sometimes you’ll be playing one thing and then in the next episode you realize that they actually changed their minds. Yeah, we always know. We get really excited about it! We love hearing what the new relationships will be and whom we’ll be able to work with after. For example, like I hardly have any scenes with Nick [Wechsler].  So I would be so psyched if our characters sort of started a friendship.

Ashley and Jack together more would be interesting. You both have close but very different bonds with Emily. Who are you the closest to on set?

Well first of all, all of us as a group are really tight. Which most casts probably say they do, but we really are! We spend weekends together and we spent Halloween together. I’m not from here so I love hanging out with them. I would say I spend the most time with Emily [VanCamp] and Ashton [Holmes].

That sounds so fun. What’s something all of you have done together?

We went to a haunted hayride and Emily and I knew we would be really scared so we surrounded ourselves by the men of the group. Emily was so terrorized being picked on by these clowns that I just kept slapping them to get them out of my face. Emily did the same thing. I have an image of Emily going, “That’s enough! That’s enough,” [Laughs] while the clowns were covered with blood. But then Ashton calmed us down.

[Laughs] Downtime with your co-stars must be nice. Is it weird being so far from London?

I spent a lot of time here, basically me and my other half, going back and forth for three years now…and we were already considering moving here. Now don’t get me wrong, I really miss London. That’s where all my friends and family are, but I really have a great time in L.A…the sun is shining right now. And in London right now it’s probably dark. It’s always dark in London and always cold. [Laughs]

What’s been your favorite episode so far that viewers have seen?

Ooh, that’s a hard one! There’s parts in every episode I love doing. I think episode seven [“Charade”] for me because that’s when my character gets another layer added to her.

What’s been your favorite storyline?

I loved it when Frank threw Lydia off the building and she lived. [Laughs] I love that kind of thing. I loved that. I have more but I can’t tell you!

That was so unexpected. Surprise kill offs must be on every one’s mind! Is it for you?

Of course! There’s a body on the beach. It could be anyone. It basically could be anyone.

It really could be anyone at this point because Mike Kelley’s is just so good. There are rumors that a person who supposedly was killed is really alive. Are you aware as a cast who that may be?

All we know is that when we shot the pilot there was a body on the beach and we never saw who the body on the beach was. Mike Kelley knows and the writers always knew for sure but we don’t know for sure. They won’t tell us…It is probably going to be the 15th episode where we find out. You can’t believe bet on anything.

So the body on the beach might not be Daniel?

No, you can’t bet on anything with Mike. I think it’s really great to be free with it and giving it a chance to see the responses as well and see what the audiences are enjoying.

So there’s people getting shot and vengeance all around at the Hampton’s. But then there’s your character. Ashley Davenport doesn’t seem to have a dirty past. Will we get to see more of her background soon?

I hope so. I really hope so! With the characters you get to learn a little bit more about them. It’s quite unusual for a girl to come from England to live in the Hampton’s and show so little about her.

Where would you like to see your character go in the series?

I love when characters go a little bad because there’s always layers to everyone. So I hope we get to see maybe a dark side to Ashley. Yeah. I’d love to see her go all bad. [Laughs] She’s quite curt with people most of the time.

There’s so much more to be revealed. Is there talk about a definite second season? A third?

We definitely know that Mike has stories that can go on for awhile. He definitely doesn’t see it as a one season show but we just don’t know! We have no idea what we’re going to get into. We all just hope so. We were so excited when we got the back order of more episodes. It was literally like the President came to set that day. [Laughs] The whole week everyone–the air was filled with joy. Everyone. The hair, the crew, hair and makeup. It was really exciting.


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