‘The Lying Game’ Interview: Misha Crosby On His New Character And Possible Love Interest


Get ready fanatics! The news is clearly true. Newcomer Misha Crosby is joining The Lying Game cast and will soon be pursuing Madeline. But did you know that the role of Ryan Harwell wasn’t what Misha originally tried out for? Did you know the role was first going to be American and that he may even stick around for the very last episode of the season? Well, now you do and just you wait. Misha even reveals that Thayer may have some hidden motives when it comes to Ryan dating his sister. Could Ryan even have some involvement in the debacle that is Sutton and Emma? He kept quite mum on that subject, which only makes for some killing anticipation.

So here it is. Everything you’ve been waiting for. After getting to chat with Misha, it’s quite obvious that he is just as charming as his new role. He even promised (after some pursuing) that he may sign up for a Twitter account just like the rest of the cast.

You’re welcome.

Now The Lying Game—it’s your first television show in the states.

MISHA CROSBY: First television show in the U.S. I’ve had a few independent projects, on the go, but first actually legit telly job. And it’s really lovely to be working here.

Well you’ve got yourself a great job. The Lying Game has such a large fan base. What was the first day on set like?

Well, I have to say, everybody in that cast is probably right up there with the nicest group of people I’ve worked with, all of them. Other than being entirely lovely, they are a very attractive cast. It’s a nice place to be.

[Laughs] Especially since everyone – you’re 24 – so everyone’s around the same age, right?

Yeah. We’re all in and around that age. I know Blair [Redford] just a bit older and Randy [Wayne] has got some deal going on with Dorian Gray. If I told you his real age, I’m not sure you’d believe me…wait, let me look it up. Yeah, Randy’s a bit older as well, but there’s no trouble with that. [Laughs] Everybody hangs out. We don’t feel like there’s any age difference between us.

The Lying Game is so suspenseful and it has so many spoilers to spill…I hope! Tell us about your character Ryan Harwell.

Well, I actually auditioned for a different role first. I auditioned for the role of Baz, which a lovely guy called Adam Brooks is playing.

Oh, wow.

He’s probably more suited for that role than me. And I think I’m more suited to Ryan, so it worked out great…the casting director, said, ‘hey why don’t you read for this one.’ So I came back and I did. It was initially an American character, actually. I was ready to play him that way. Then a couple of days before shooting I found out they wanted him British.

What an interesting surprise!

Yeah, I was fine with that. Well, we did it both ways in the audition and they liked the British. So with Ryan, he’s a kid with a past. He’s been expelled through numerous, numerous boarding schools and his dad is a very wealthy. He used to go to [the] High School, so he’s got history with all of these characters as well. So he’s not coming in a total newbie. The more and more it goes on, the more you’ll find out about what happened in the past and different stuff that happened with Alexandra [Chando], the lead character. And he had a crush on Madeline Rybak I think back in the ninth grade. And so he’s able to come back where he makes his intentions clear as day that he’d like to date her.

So essentially he is a new character, as in it’s the first time the audience is seeing him. But we find out that he has a past with these people, and we’ll see all of that come about?

Basically. Yeah. He comes in on episode 13.

That’s awesome. Will he start trouble at all and get involved with what Sutton and Emma are dealing with? Or will he just be getting romantic with Madeline for the first few episodes?

He initially comes in, I think, looking to start fresh. There’s a bit of mischief there as well, but he hasn’t got nothing on Sutton. [Laughs] He’s mainly there at the moment to be with Madeline but I came to know pretty much week by week what they have in store. The writers change around what’s going to happen almost every other day it seems. What was going to happen one week, they say ‘oh, no we think we’re going to go another way.’ That show keeps taking a turn, that’s for sure.

Are there any other characters you work with specifically?

I’ve been working a lot with the lovely Alice Greczyn (Madeline Rybak), who is just so nice. When I first came out she came over and gave me a proper greeting so she was able to relax me for the first day. A bit with Alexandra [Chando] (Sutton Mercer) as well. And I started to work with Christian [Alexander] who plays Thayer [Rybak].

That’s interesting.

With him playing Madeline’s brother, he may have ulterior motives as to why he wants to push my and Madeline’s relationship.


Yeah. Thayer is very keen on us getting together, and it may or may not explain why as to why in the future, if that’s the case.

So there’s no chance he’ll be involved in the Sutton and Emma debacle? Or will he just be doing his own thing on the side.

He could be.


But hey, I have no idea. I do not have the script for 20. But Charles Pratt, the writer and executive producer has me back for the last few episodes of the season. So when I get through, I’ll be looking through with a magnifying glass as to what comes up. It’s kind of exciting that way.

I think everyone’s going to love your character because it seems he’s definitely going to change things up.  What’s the first scene that viewers will see you in?

First scene up I’m at the high school and I spot Madeline…and I’m pretty direct.  And I ask her for a date out. We have one previous date before, goes a few years back and I’m trying for a follow up even after years have passed. There’s a bit of resistance, but she comes around. Because, I would hope, Ryan’s charming enough to win her over.

You’re right. You definitely seem like a charmer! How many episodes are you signed on for?

As far as I know, I’m recurring on there. So it’s sort of when they tell me. I know I’ve got probably 19-20, which are the final two of this first season, and I’m very much hoping it will get picked up for a second cause I’d love to do some more on it.

How many episodes have you done so far?

I’ve shot four episodes already.

There are so many diehard fans on Twitter for this show. I don’t know if you have a Twitter, I know some of the actors do.

Yeah, I don’t have one yet. I may just end up getting a Twitter as well. I mean it’s just a great way to just speak directly to the fans.

Exactly. And I think you’ll get a ton of followers because a lot of people were really excited knowing I was going to interview you.

They’re really passionate. A lot have come up before it even aired. It’s been a very nice thing to see.

So for the fans, how would you describe Ryan Harwell in just a few words?

Umm, without sounding self-important. [Laughs] I’m going to say, you can call Ryan Harwell, I mean, hopefully charming. An edge of sarcastic humor, and intent on getting what he wants.


The Lying Game’ Exclusive: Allie Gonino Shares 5 Spoilers From “Pleased To Meet Me”


Laurel Mercer just got dumped by Justin Miller and well, she doesn’t seem to be grabbing the tissues any more in tonight’s all new Lying Game episode, “Pleased to Meet Me.” While chatting with the beautiful Allie Gonino recently she let us in on some very juicy details that viewers will sure want to stay tuned for. Allie tweeted a few days ago about singing on the show with her actual band The Good Mad, but she also uncovers some spoilers about Justin and that bracelet. Better yet, she can’t help but spill on some Sutton news too. Looks like Sutton and Emma will have to team up once again so that they aren’t found out.

Oh, and let’s not forget about that Lying Game soundtrack fans have been wondering about. Allie responded to what she thinks about a possible album too. Check out the reveals below.

1. Sutton’s Return And How It Plays Out

“Not to give away too much. You know, they have to keep up, they’re still keeping up the illusion that there’s only one, so the next episode is about them trying to juggle both places. But uh, they haven’t. The killer’s out there so they don’t want, you know, anyone to know there are two of them and they’re together, so that’s what the next episode is going to be about.”

2. The Justin Debacle

What’s going on with your character and Justin? That was such a surprise split.

“Wasn’t it? No one expected it.”

It was so annoying.

“I know! Yes, well you’ll find out in this episode that’s premiering on Monday what’s up with all that and it definitely does have something to do with Ted and his relationship with the bracelet. But I can’t give away too much.”

Does Laurel find out?

“Yes, Laurel finds out.”

3. On If Baz Will Appear Alongside Ryan Harwell On “Pleased to Meet Me”

“Yes. Big, big episode. Like, a lot of crazy stuff happens actually. Adam Brooks’ character, Baz, is the lead singer of this band who is playing at this ballet benefit.”

4. Laurel’s Surprise Gig On Tonight’s Episode

“Well, I can’t give away. Oh well, I guess that news has already come out, but Laurel gets to sing on stage for the first time. It was really fun and I can’t wait to see how it plays on TV. We’re actually playing and singing an original song of ours that Adam wrote called “What Money Paid For.” It is really exciting. It doesn’t even feel real. Like, sometimes I pinch myself and I’m like what is going on here? It’s totally a dream.”

5. On If There Will Be A Lying Game Soundtrack

“I have no idea. I haven’t heard anything but if it’s possible that would be really cool.”

Midseason Rush: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ Gavin DeGraw Takes A Look Back, Reveals What Helped Actors Stay Out Of Trouble


What could honestly be better than chatting about One Tree Hill with Gavin DeGraw? Absolutely nothing. The musician recently talked to me about his album Sweeter and now he’s back to reveal how he’s feeling about the series ending. Gavin’s been there since the beginning with his “I Don’t Wanna Be” theme song and has recently come full-circle with the Wilmington, North Carolina set by appearing in its last episode.

Starting January 11 there won’t be anything but nostalgic memories running rampant in fans minds. This is just one of the first. So check out Gavin’s clear appreciation for the show that’s given us Naley, Brooke Davis and phenomenal soundtracks.

I recently saw Tyler Hilton and Bryan Greenberg play at the Gramercy Theater here in New York. Have you ever collaborated with them? Even just for fun?

GAVIN DEGRAW: We never collaborated but I actually really enjoy both of those guys. And on top of that they’re just some great guys. Just really good, musically talented guys. I’ve never worked on anything with them. Tyler and I knew each other from years ago. He really has a good command of his audience. You notice that with musicians and an audience–it’s rare. You really know when an artist is comfortable talking with the audience.

Well, as you must know, One Tree Hill’s final season premieres soon. What do you think about it coming to an end?

It’s kind of weird thinking about it because it’s kind of like an end of an era. And at the same time there’s a level of nostalgia there.

“I Don’t Wanna Be” was the best theme song for the series. Did you ever get sick of hearing it?

No! [Laughs] I mean it’s exciting to hear the song with it.

Have a favorite cover? They started to change the singer with each new season. Like Jackson Brundage who plays James Lucas Scott did it.

[Laughs] Probably my favorite cover of it was from him. He kills it.

I saw a few pictures of you from the finale. You’re definitely in it right?

I’m definitely a part of that day. I don’t know to what extent I’ll be in the show but I was there. It was a lot of fun. It’s cool to be a part of something that’s documented like that and to be a part of it. At the same time I was at a distance with it, which was kind of interesting. I was a part of it from afar. So it’s kind of surreal thinking of a show like that ending and having been a part of it because it really was a show that was initially geared toward young people and now the people on it are now young adults.

Such a great show. It deserved to be on for that long. It must have also been great that it was filmed in Wilmington and away from the L.A. area.

That probably helped a lot of them out of trouble. Having the tabloid culture away from them and what was going on. It helped them have a life and not just a career.

That really is such a good point. Is there a person from that set that you specifically grew close to? Favorite memories?

That would be hard. That would be hard for me to tell you the truth. The person that I was probably the closest with in that whole organization was on the creative side of it. It was Joe Davola that initially called me asking if I could be a part of it and I ended up with a relationship with him and Mark Schwahn. I was really the closest with them. Hanging with Bryan or Sophia [Bush] or Tyler–those are really great people. Quality people. They really honestly are just a warm group of people and I think that was one of the many reasons why it had so much success and how long that show was able to run. I think that kind of thing really came off on-screen. They were working with quality people and I think that really came off.

Definitely. And the soundtracks were so good! They chose really great songs throughout the years.

Exactly! I think that was one of the many great assets of that show. Really, I’m happy you mentioned it. They really did their best to expose great talent to the world.

Midseason Rush: ‘Revenge’s’ Ashley Madekwe Teases Daniel’s Shooting, Hopes For Darker Side


Revenge has come a long way since Ashley Davenport first did the go around by introducing Emily Thorne to the few and fortunate in the Hampton’s circle. There’s been deaths, love triangles and an Amanda Clarke addition that no one saw coming. Now the series returns for its eleventh episode this coming Wednesday with anticipation and pleasure. No guilt needed. It leads off with Tyler Barrol coming out with a vengeance and literally pointing the gun at everyone in his path. Check out the ten minute promo for “Duress” here. 

Another exclusive with Ashley: Previous Tyler spoilers

Ashley Madekwe has talked with Ology before about her character’s tumultuous relationship with Tyler, and now details even more about the cast and behind the scenes moments. Not to mention reasons why any fanatic would want to read on–she delves into Daniel’s shooting and a possible darker side to her role. Remember, viewers should know by now to never expect the obvious. The body pinned head first to the sand may not be Victoria and Conrad’s son.

Did you ever think that the show was going to get so big?

No! I guess you don’t ever think that. I realize now—I’ve done three pilots—two of which have been picked up. I don’t think you can ever count on knowing what people want to watch and what people will enjoy. I mean all of the jobs that I’ve done I honestly have thought that they’re good but sometimes, for whatever reason, things just don’t click. But with this one, everything just fell into place at the right time! The stars were aligned.

Well so happy it did! It’s so addicting because you never know what will happen next. Are you one to snoop around and try to find out from the writers? 

Yeah! And I think anyone on a network television show probably do because you really don’t know what’s coming from one episode to the next. So sometimes you’ll be playing one thing and then in the next episode you realize that they actually changed their minds. Yeah, we always know. We get really excited about it! We love hearing what the new relationships will be and whom we’ll be able to work with after. For example, like I hardly have any scenes with Nick [Wechsler].  So I would be so psyched if our characters sort of started a friendship.

Ashley and Jack together more would be interesting. You both have close but very different bonds with Emily. Who are you the closest to on set?

Well first of all, all of us as a group are really tight. Which most casts probably say they do, but we really are! We spend weekends together and we spent Halloween together. I’m not from here so I love hanging out with them. I would say I spend the most time with Emily [VanCamp] and Ashton [Holmes].

That sounds so fun. What’s something all of you have done together?

We went to a haunted hayride and Emily and I knew we would be really scared so we surrounded ourselves by the men of the group. Emily was so terrorized being picked on by these clowns that I just kept slapping them to get them out of my face. Emily did the same thing. I have an image of Emily going, “That’s enough! That’s enough,” [Laughs] while the clowns were covered with blood. But then Ashton calmed us down.

[Laughs] Downtime with your co-stars must be nice. Is it weird being so far from London?

I spent a lot of time here, basically me and my other half, going back and forth for three years now…and we were already considering moving here. Now don’t get me wrong, I really miss London. That’s where all my friends and family are, but I really have a great time in L.A…the sun is shining right now. And in London right now it’s probably dark. It’s always dark in London and always cold. [Laughs]

What’s been your favorite episode so far that viewers have seen?

Ooh, that’s a hard one! There’s parts in every episode I love doing. I think episode seven [“Charade”] for me because that’s when my character gets another layer added to her.

What’s been your favorite storyline?

I loved it when Frank threw Lydia off the building and she lived. [Laughs] I love that kind of thing. I loved that. I have more but I can’t tell you!

That was so unexpected. Surprise kill offs must be on every one’s mind! Is it for you?

Of course! There’s a body on the beach. It could be anyone. It basically could be anyone.

It really could be anyone at this point because Mike Kelley’s is just so good. There are rumors that a person who supposedly was killed is really alive. Are you aware as a cast who that may be?

All we know is that when we shot the pilot there was a body on the beach and we never saw who the body on the beach was. Mike Kelley knows and the writers always knew for sure but we don’t know for sure. They won’t tell us…It is probably going to be the 15th episode where we find out. You can’t believe bet on anything.

So the body on the beach might not be Daniel?

No, you can’t bet on anything with Mike. I think it’s really great to be free with it and giving it a chance to see the responses as well and see what the audiences are enjoying.

So there’s people getting shot and vengeance all around at the Hampton’s. But then there’s your character. Ashley Davenport doesn’t seem to have a dirty past. Will we get to see more of her background soon?

I hope so. I really hope so! With the characters you get to learn a little bit more about them. It’s quite unusual for a girl to come from England to live in the Hampton’s and show so little about her.

Where would you like to see your character go in the series?

I love when characters go a little bad because there’s always layers to everyone. So I hope we get to see maybe a dark side to Ashley. Yeah. I’d love to see her go all bad. [Laughs] She’s quite curt with people most of the time.

There’s so much more to be revealed. Is there talk about a definite second season? A third?

We definitely know that Mike has stories that can go on for awhile. He definitely doesn’t see it as a one season show but we just don’t know! We have no idea what we’re going to get into. We all just hope so. We were so excited when we got the back order of more episodes. It was literally like the President came to set that day. [Laughs] The whole week everyone–the air was filled with joy. Everyone. The hair, the crew, hair and makeup. It was really exciting.