‘Breaking Dawn’ Exclusive: Actor Daniel Cudmore On His Family Christmas Traditions


Breaking Dawn’s Daniel Cudmore has been busy promoting the fourth film of the Twilight Saga and is now ready to take in the holiday season. The actor, who’s also starred in X-Men as Colossus, told me about some of his favorite family traditions when he was younger. He also laughs about the little gifts he’d gladly receive this Christmas.

“We used to–what our thing was when we were all younger– we used to all three of, my three brothers and my dad, the four of us would go up to this spot by our house,” he said. “We’d hike up in the woods and get a tree and cut it down. It was great because my old house used to have 20 foot ceiling in the living room. So we would find like 18 foot Christmas trees and cut it down and all four of us would carry it out of the woods and throw it on top of the truck and then decorate it and stuff like that. That’s sort of since past since one brothers off in France. Some other brothers are on the other side of the world sometimes. That’s kind of died out but that was always a fun tradition growing up.”

He also revealed some of his favorite gifts growing up. “For a best gift–I’m trying to think. It’s funny because you start getting at the age where if you want something you can buy it yourself. So its kind of weird when people are like, ‘Well what do you want for Christmas?’ It’s like, I don’t know. Some socks and underwear? So I think when I was a kid I definitely really liked really cool toys or a new snowboard or whatever it may have been. Those were the gifts that I think you just got crazy about. Now a days you get excited for like a pair of black socks, which is really kind of strange.”

Daniel joked that it’s sad getting excited for a pair of socks, but it wouldn’t be hard to agree. It’s the little things that can make someone happy, after all.

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