Interview: Kevin Richardson And Rob Gonzalez Headline Holiday Benefit Concert


Close friends Kevin Richardson and Rob Gonzalez will be headlining a “Home For The Holidays” concert benefit this December to help raise funds for the Angeles Clinic Foundation. Angeles Clinic, a cancer treatment facility, helps treat cancer patients who are unable to treat for their own care. With a personal connection for the foundation and a love of music, it was a no brainer for these two to give back to their community. After speaking with both Kevin and Rob, it was more than clear that their passion to help was what initially began this collaboration. All it took was one day playing some music together.

“It all came about really because Kevin and I are friends basically through our significant others,” Rob began. “Kevin’s wife and my girlfriend are very close friends and we were just hanging out over at Kevin’s one night. We started playing some music together in a great way and we inspired each other. So Kevin came down to sit in with my band and that was a lot of fun. And I thought, ‘Let’s try to do something a little bigger.’ So I had this idea to sort of do this benefit concert and I booked production and I found our charity that’s involved.” Kevin immediately wanted to work together too and explained that the charity added a personal touch for him. “I said, ‘Sounds great!’ And so about a week or two later [Rob] said, ‘It’s happening!’ [Laughs] So here we are. I’m excited to be involved because everyone I think now–there’s probably no one out there that hasn’t been touched by cancer. I’ve been so extremely close. I lost my father in 1981 to colon cancer.” The two hope to raise a lot of money for the foundation.

The two will perform together, as soloists and will incorporate strings and horns as well. Some of the 22 songs that audiences will get to listen to include holiday classics such as White Christmas, Let It Snow, Chestnuts Roasting On An open Fire and Winter Wonderland. “My father was such a big Dean Martin fan,” Kevin explains. “Another reason I wanted to do this is because the way I was brought up. Around the holidays, as soon as Thanksgiving was over, those Christmas records went on. It was Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Elvis. All those Christmas albums I grew up listening to. And so not only did I lose my father to cancer, but he introduced me to this music. I have such a fondness and it’s such a part of my life. So this show is going to be all about that.”

“I think one of the things Kevin and I want to convey is, we are really doing an acoustic version of these songs. In some cases we literally took the arrangement right off the record. For the most part it’s going to be very nostalgic and fun in that way,” Rob adds. The Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra 1960s music production throwback will also feature film choreographer Tara Nicole Hughes and special performers Gina Gonzalez of “Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band” and Skyler Stonestreet. 



The night is sure to be memorable. For the two musicians working together for the first time, and for trying to make such a difference for the Angeles Clinic Foundation. As Rob says, “We’re excited and hopefully it goes well and we can make this an annual event. To make it every year hopefully. And every year it gets bigger and bigger and better and better. That’s our goal.”


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