Kermit Interview: Our Favorite Green Frog Chats About His New Film And Holiday Plans With Miss Piggy


Kermit the Frog is a childhood friend that most probably can’t even remember beginning to have. We’ve grown up with him and Miss Piggy and throughout the years have gained more muppets to admire and love. Kermit’s buddy Walter is just the next to be introduced into the crowd, helping Kermit get back in the public eye with Jason Segel’s new Muppets film. Kermit has been promoting the film along with his friends and he was sweet enough to take the time to chat about it.

The ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ Kermit not only spoke about his time on set with Jason, but made us laugh with his reaction to the film being made. He also touches on what he and Miss Piggy will be doing over the holidays! 

So with that, we leave you with our conversation with everyone’s favorite muppet, because–what else is there really to say? His answers show exactly why we love him.

Kermit the Frog. Wow. Never did I see the day where I would be chatting with you! You’re amazing and so is The Muppets film out right now. How was it working with Jason Segel and Walter?

KERMIT: Jason Segel is amazing (and extremely tall). He’s not only a very funny actor, but the script he wrote with Nick Stoller was hilarious. We were thrilled to work with him on the movie…and it was fun being on Saturday Night Live with him, too. As for Walter: well, he fits right in. He’s not only eager, enthusiastic and ready to do anything to help, he’s also the world’s’ greatest Muppet fan. He worships the ground we walk on–which is awkward for most of us. Though Miss Piggy seems to enjoy it…a lot.

Oh, Miss Piggy. What was your reaction when you first heard that The Muppets film was going to happen?

I was excited. Anytime there’s a new movie coming out with “Muppet” in the title and one of the characters is a frog, I figure I have a pretty good shot at getting the part – or at least an audition. And Jason came to us before he wrote a word. He’d been a big fan for a long time and making a movie with us was his dream come true. And that’s what show biz and the Muppets are all about-–making dreams come true.

Well I’m so happy he had the talent and idea to create it! What was a favorite moment for you on set?

The songs. Especially the big production numbers with the whole gang up there singing and dancing together. That’s why I love the big Hollywood Boulevard scene in the new movie. It makes me smile just to think about it. Shooting that was special.

That’s so great. You’ve been keeping very busy. What will you and Miss Piggy be doing for the holidays? 

Miss Piggy and I are going to a holiday party. She’s the guest of honor and I am the only other guest. Should be an interesting evening.

A fun one! What makes the two of you work so well together as a couple?

As for our relationship, I think it works because, despite all the craziness and the fact that Piggy tends to be a bit overly demonstrative in expressing her affection, when it comes right down to it….we really do care about each other.

So sweet. It definitely shows! What would you say are three other passions (Ologies) you have?

Laugh-Ology: I love to make people (as well as bears, frogs, pigs, chickens and other non-people) laugh.

Green-Ology: I’m passionate about being green, keeping the world green and being a spokesfrog for all species lower than you on the food chain.

Enthusiasm-Ology: That the passion for being passionate about life, getting excited about the possibilities of each new day and how challenges can be turned into something wonderful.  I try to greet each and every day with a hearty “yaaaaaaay!”


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