‘Revenge’ Interview: Margarita Levieva Dishes On The Intriguing ‘Amanda Clarke’


Revenge just got even more indulging and more complicated when the real Emily Thorne revealed to both Amanda Clarke and Jack Porter that she’s the girl that Jack named his boat after. Margarita Levieva, the real Emily that we can’t help but be intrigued by, was kind enough to chat about the addicting series with Ologyrecently. Her character has stripped and has killed Frank, but is now ready to settle down in the Hampton’s. These new changes will undeniably cause havoc to many. (Lucky for us.)

A part of me just can’t help but envy Margarita. She gets to work alongside Emily VanCamp and Nick Wechsler, but really, she’s a great addition to the cast and a fantastic actor herself. So take a look at what she had to say about the series and stay tuned for more. This is just the beginning for her role. After all, she’s the ‘Amanda’ we don’t want Jack to have, but the ‘Amanda’ we want to have stick around.

Revenge is addicting and your character has just made the Emily and Jack storyline even juicier. How did you get involved with the series?

Well I was in Russia when I got the call.


Yeah. [Laughs] I had not seen any of the episodes because I was in Russia. I had read the script for the original pilot Revenge awhile ago and I just remember thinking, “Wow, what an interesting concept. How well written the show is.” So it was already on my radar in that sense. And then other people involved told me how great the pilot was.

Was the role of Emily the original character you tried out for?

Actually, I didn’t audition for the show because I had auditioned for the creators before. They knew my work and were familiar with me so basically I guess they thought I was right for the part.

So it was a surprise the kind of role you were going to play?

Yeah! Absolutely. I mean I had no idea. They had sent me a character description like very vague. And the quality of it–I was excited. I was like, this sounds like a great role to play. I mean she seemed like such a nemesis.

Absolutely! She’s so intriguing, yet you can’t help but feel bad for her. She just wants to stay in one place and live her life. Is she fun to play? Did you know she was going to have a darker side?

Yeah, I knew some of the dark side. I mean that’s seen in the beginning. The thing I love most about playing this part is that–I find sometimes especially with what material you get–its a one dimensional character. But I think what’s so great about the show is that so many of the characters are three dimensional and more. My part definitely has an edge and she’s had a hard life and she’s got a lot of coping to do [laughs] and its not always positive or the most rational, but she has things to deal with.

What was it like heading to set for the first time? Have you grown close with anyone?

Yeah. I mean I’ll never forget my first table read…It was a full read with everyone so its always nerve racking. And especially walking into a situation where the cast is already a big established family. I knew I was in the right place right when I walked through the door…Everyone welcomed me and then Emily [VanCamp] came in and she was just so sweet. It just seemed like they were excited to have me and I was surprised because I hadn’t met any of them. [Laughs] I just knew I was going to become a part of this great family. They were more than welcoming and it was really, really sweet of them. And that’s why I love working on the show. They are just so solid.

That’s so nice! Now you’ve been causing trouble for ‘Amanda’ and may even blow her cover! You completely duped her and Jack, making him think you’re the real Amanda. Did you know that was going to happen?

I have to be honest with you. I loved Emily so much and I really, really love working with her. She’s so talented and I also loved this idea that at first it looks like our characters are so close. And we still are, its the root of our relationship with sisterly love and it can extend to anything. So this idea that me going against her, for me personally as an actress, was just so painful. [Laughs] I was joking, “I don’t even want to say the lines! I can’t do this!” I had no idea. I was really surprised. I was like, “I don’t want to tear away from Emily in any way. I love her and I don’t want to break her heart.” [Laughs]

Well you’re doing a great job because I enjoy your character but at the same time it was such a shock. It was great how the writers did that. What can we expect from her on tonight’s “Loyalty” episode? Does the real Amanda keep you close even though you just did this to her? It would ruin her plans otherwise.

Without giving anything away, I think in the most general sense, I would say that with the way they’re writing and the development of these characters…I think we will see more of that. Obviously Emily can’t really afford any of that. And as far as my character goes, I also have a very specific purpose. Maybe if its even more selfish. But you know, we’ll see how it goes.

Is there a part of your character that decides to stay in the Hamptons because she’s sick of Emily making her flee to different areas?

I don’t think it’s much of being sick of Emily. I just think its this realization of–I get so confused because I’ve shot so many other episodes–I think it’s in the boat scene where I say I don’t want money. I don’t want to go away. I want to make a home for myself. Her Amanda Clarke character and my Emily Thorne character, we’ve changed identities and now I’m just living in this world–in a lie.

And this whole Frank kill-off moment! Will people be finding out about how you killed him sooner rather than later?

I would say with Frank’s character, obviously its a murder and no event like that goes unnoticed. So I think it will definitely play a part in the storyline. I think what’s so great about TV and in the show is that there’s so many story lines going on at once. Sometimes things are unmentioned and they can carry on over several episodes of the show.

What will be surprising to fans in the near future?

Okay, I guess I can say this! There is a scene that’s coming up that shows both Amanda’s, or my Amanda, [her] real colors and that was fun to do. There is a scene in particular coming up. I don’t know if its the next episode. But there’s a scene coming up that shows off a side of her that’s pre-Hamptons.

These names can get confusing! Your Amanda right? Your Amanda goes through that? 

Yeah! [Laughs] They call me Amanda now. My character, yeah…Meaning you do see me in the beginning at the strip bar. I mean the beginning of my entrance to the show. What you see of me so far is seeing me come into their world. So its bringing a piece of my character and her old world in it.

So you will be in a lot more episodes to come?

We haven’t filmed that many. [Laughs] Also I’m not allowed to–I’ll definitely be in the next one though and possibly more after that!


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