Exclusive: Kevin Richardson May Return For A Future Backstreet Boys Album!


The Backstreet Boys are not your average boy band. Since their 1993 beginnings and first album in 2006, the five guys have toured around the country and have left millions of us females feeling like little schoolgirls. Seriously, walk into a concert of there’s at 18 years old and walk out a sixth grader. Just you watch.

BSB, which includes A.J. McLean, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter and Howie Dorough continue to perform and are now on tour with NKOTB. As every die hard fan knows, Kevin Richardson left the group back in 2006 to pursue other opportunities. Does he not tour with the band anymore? Yes. Is he not considered a BSB anymore? Absolutely not, Kevin will always be one of the guys. Recently I got the chance to chat with the missed member and he spilled some BIG NEWS. I’m talking news that will make these past Kevin guest appearances in concert mean only a margin of happiness for us fans.

That’s right. Kevin may be coming back for a new project with the band! So grab those old CDs from the 90s that you very well should have downloaded on your iTunes by now. Read this interview with Kevin while listening to old school BSB just like what I was doing while writing it. Sing along too, because well, you know you can go months without listening to a Backstreet track and still know every single word of it. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), I’ll Never Break Your Heart, I Want It That Way, Larger Than Life, The Call, Just Want You To Know and more. All of it right now on repeat.

You made a surprise appearance at the Staples Center with BSB in July and you’ll be meeting up with them soon in the Bahamas. Will you ever decide to collaborate with them again?

The guys are starting a cruise. They are going on a cruise. I am just going to meet them in the Bahamas. They’re hanging out in the day. A beach party down there and hang. Yeah, but as far as like reuniting with them on a full-time basis, this is just a little appearance that I’m doing with them. When I left the group in 2006, basically I left because I was just not happy. I wasn’t fulfilled by it anymore and it had nothing to do with the other four guys. Our relationships have remained in tact and raring good throughout this whole time that we’ve been doing music. So it had nothing to do with them personally.

But we’re talking about possibly doing something together in the future. But they have a busy schedule in the next year or so with the NKOTBSB joint tour that they’re doing. And they’re taking it to Europe and I believe Australia next year so in the mean time I’m acting and still writing music. I’m contemplating doing a solo album.

That’s awesome. I hope you do go for a solo album! You mentioned something in the future with BSB though. [Breathe] Would that mean maybe doing a full CD with them again?

You know, we’re talking about it. I wouldn’t be opposed to it. It would just depend on where we’re all at as a group creatively and where we wanted to go with it. But I’m open. You know, I’m open.

Getting back together for a CD would be amazing! It’s also great trying new things. I get what you mean.

Absolutely! Theatre and acting has been a part of my life since I was younger, before I got in the group with the guys. And through having success as a Backstreet Boy, it gave me I guess the status, whatever, for the producers of Chicago The Musical on Broadway to let me come in and audition. I was the role of Billy Flynn in the musical and I got to do that on Broadway and then on the West End in London. So once I did that I realized how much acting is a part of me. One of the reasons I decided to leave the group in ‘06 is also to do more acting and rediscover that side of me. So yeah, I just wanted to do more creative things and I really just wasn’t fulfilled anymore. I don’t know whether I was burned out or whatever but I just wasn’t happy with the group. And again it had nothing to do with those guys. I love those guys. It’s just where I was at the time.

So what are you currently up to with acting?

I look for parts that are challenging and that interest me, that grab me. And since I left the group in ’06—I have background in theatre but I never really have done film or television. So immediately when I left the group [I] got in a great studio. And I’ve been studying in an acting studio ever since. So I feel like that I’ve grown a lot and I can officially call myself an actor now and believe in my own self. So now that I feel that way about my natural ability and I feel like I’m at a comfort level with it now, I can put it out there in the world and really start going after projects. So I’m just starting to do that now.


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