Exclusive: ‘Revenge’s’ Ashley Madekwe Talks Tonight’s ‘Treachery’ Episode


Revenge is back! It’s only been a week but for those hardcore fans out there, it probably felt more like that time when the show was leading up to Jack Porter confessing his feelings to Emily Thorne. Or that time when it was unclear if Lydia was going to survive that horrific throw off the balcony. Or—well, really, after every episode it felt extremely long until the next Wednesday night showing. This ABC series is just so juicy and enticing and enthralling to watch. When has there ever been another time when audiences are actually cheering on a person seeking to ruin someone else’s life all the while being torn on wanting her real identity revealed to some and still concealed for others?

Revenge is heading back to air tonight after a one-week break and its like Christmas has come early with the arrival of the ‘Treachery’ episode. Recently Ology got to chat with Ashley Madekwe who plays Ashley Davenport on the hit show. She’s one of Emily’s closest allies that’s never heard of the name Amanda Clarke. Or at least, that’s what audiences are continued to believe. She’s also dating a psycho by the name of Tyler that has moved on to Nolan.

The super sweet Ashley let us in on tonight’s episode and what to expect. It’s just a sneak peek, so stay tuned for a more in depth interview with the actress on all things Revenge.

First off, what is going on with your boyfriend Tyler? Did the cast know he would eventually be hooking up with Nolan?

ASHLEY MADEKWE: No! We always knew that we were going to get the character Tyler on set and we heard he was going to be shady but we didn’t know how shady he’d be. I don’t want to ruin it for you but I’ll tell you—how far it goes in the season with the relationship—the secret might have to come out eventually.

What could we expect from tonight’s episode?

I can’t remember that much because they all start to blend in to me! [Laughs] I don’t think Lydia wakes up but there are definitely a lot of people in this episode. Lydia’s in this episode–I’m not sure if this is the one she wakes up in. Lydia’s around though, the real Emily’s around and Tyler’s still around. We have great guest stars by the way. Its amazing the guest stars we end up having. We got so lucky. We keep getting good people.

We have to get to the latest kill off! Will we find out sooner rather than later that the real Emily Thorne is the one that killed him?

I don’t know when we find that out with Emily. Yea, I don’t know when we find that out. With television I think again that’s a secret that will come out eventually but I don’t know if we know it yet.

This show is just so insane! Even when the truth comes out in an episode viewers don’t know if they are getting fed the right information or leading to the real conclusion. Will Ashley learn about what kind of person Tyler is in an upcoming episode?

Yeah, I would hope that she does find out. I think she will. Those kinds of secrets can’t be hidden forever. Even if she never found out this season, you know hands down she would have to find out eventually. Its just to good for her not to find out.


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