Exclusive: Actor Michael Bower Reveals Secrets From The ‘Friends’ Prom Video Episode


If you’re a Friends fan, you’ve seen the ‘The One With The Prom Video’ episode. If you’re a die-hard Rachel and Ross fan, than its probably one of your favorite moments out of the entire series. Its when Rachel and Ross make up, audiences get a flashback of Monica Gellar in her fat gear, a look at Rachel’s nose pre-surgery and Phoebe introduces the significant ‘She’s his lobster’ line.

We also get to see in the flashback prom video a mustache wearing Ross that gets ready to head to the dance with Rachel because her date Chip ditches her. He gets dressed up, grabs some flowers out of the vase and states to his dad he’s ready. All of this happens after he stumbles up the stairs of course with a flowerpot gleaming in the background.

In the episode we get probably the best guest star ever, Michael Bower as Monica’s date Roy. As in, ‘Oh I’m gonna kick Chip’s ass!’ Yes, they’ve had plenty like Brad Pitt, Tom Selleck and Paul Rudd but something should be said for a one-episode guest spot that leaves us with one of the most memorable character roles after ten years. An added bonus was seeing our beloved Donkey Lips since his filming days on Salute Your Shorts too.

During a recent interview with Ology, Bower let us in on two exclusive secrets that happened that day on set that aired on Feb 1, 1996. He tells of a prop that shouldn’t have been there. Bower explained, “A poster on the wall when Ross is walking down, there’s a poster in the back and you can see it’s a plant. It’s actually a marijuana plant.” Silly, but any Friends news years after the finale is worth it!

He continued, “The producers probably don’t want to talk about this, but they were having fun with the episode. Elliot Gould and Ross, the father and son, they filmed a scene where after Rachel leaves him and he’s alone, they are smoking a doobie and he is very sad Rachel didn’t take him to the prom. It was a real quick funny thing they did for the crew and cast but that scene never aired. The funny thing is that the scene with [the] marijuana plant did [and they] never caught it.

It doesn’t end there. Fans could have gotten the chance to witness Monica losing her virginity too! Unfortunately the producers opted out of it and pretended it was really the Gellars instead. “At the end of the video you see Ross’ parents in bed together supposedly. Well it’s actually only a voiceover. It’s Courtney Cox and I in the bed–like she’s loosing her virginity on prom night. And one of the voiceovers we did was “Oh I’m lost! Am I in the right spot?” It was one of those things they filmed and they didn’t know if they’d use it or not…they used the video footage of the bed rumbling and you see the sheets. They added the voiceover of the parents because they thought it would be funnier. Plus [the] teenage sex–they didn’t want to deal with it.

It’s been seven years since the series finale of Friends aired in May 2004 but its still well worth it to hear anything about the six Central Perk friends. They continue to be severely missed.


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