Interview: Greg Bennett, The Reason To Watch ‘Real Housewives’ And ‘Boys To Manzo’


I’ve been watching Real Housewives of New Jersey since its Bravo debut in 2009. The fights, the drama–but something was clearly missing. AGreg Bennett. A friend to Albie Manzo and now another member of the Manzo family, Greg is a constant go to for one liners and some comedic relief. He started with the Real Housewives and then went on to the web series Boys to Manzo with Al and Chris. Let’s not forget, his dog Deloris was a significant addition as well.

RHONJ season three reunion, part two is about to premiere this Sunday, but let’s take a break from the feuds. I got the chance to talk to Greg about Hoboken living, his favorite part about the housewife series and what his guilty pleasures are.

I know you went to Fordham University in New York with Albie. Could you tell me about that first meeting?

I didn’t meet Al until the end of sophomore year. Fordham is just big enough to be a college but it’s very high school-esque. Everyone knows each other. Senior year we were all hanging out at the same apartment complex off campus called the brothel, because they only rent to girls. It was kind of like Melrose Place and there were parties there every weekend. That’s how we got to be friendly.

What was your major?

I was a marketing major…I graduated and moved to the city and left there last October to move in with the boys.

Albie and Chris have launched BLK Black Water. What do you work on besides filming?

I work for an affiliate market network. I’ve done that since I graduated–I do have a big boy job. [Laughs] I’m home now, because my companies in London. That’s where they are based.

Do you work out of your apartment?

Yeah, I work out of my apartment. I’m sitting in a leopard dining room chair right now.

Did you guys always know you wanted to live together in Hoboken?

We talked about it a lot…they started coming into the city more and we would all hang out in my apartment and then go out. And I would complain about how expensive it was and they’d complain about living at home and wanting to get out. So we decided to take the leap and move in together.

How did the Boys to Manzo web series come about?

That happened simultaneously when we were filming season three. A lot of our little bits that we filmed got a really good reaction and everyone thought we were funny so they wanted to expand on it to see if there was anything there. I don’t think there has ever been a show that shows two guys with a gay friend but are not forced into the situation–like Real World and seven strangers. It’s been such a long time. It’s a real friendship. So I think its pretty interesting to watch, you know the bits just kept getting better and better, so they decided to make it into a web series.

Do you think it might blow up into a television show?

I have no idea. I would hope so, but that’s ultimately up to Bravo.

Is it weird being on camera at all?

Well I think you can see in the beginning episodes. I was a little stiff and nervous but…you get used to it. It’s like living your regular life.

When it comes to Real Housewives, do you guys get together and watch it every Sunday?

We do. We had a little routine all summer. We would DVR True Blood and watch Housewives and then go back and watch True Blood.

Is that your guilty pleasure? True Blood?

True Blood is amazing. I wish it were reality. [Laughs]

You are hilarious with Melissa and Joe Gorga. What was your favorite segment on the show? I loved when you all went out to Hoboken.

I did love [that]. They kind of made it look very Sister Wivey, like I was going to marry into the family. That night out in Hoboken was so much fun. They only showed a little bit of it…the Punta Cana trip was a blast too. Gorgeous villa and it was a really good time.

Are you single or are you dating?

I have a boyfriend actually. We met after season three was done filming. We’ve been dating a couple of months and it’s going really well.

That’s great. How about this–What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

I have the entire Sister Act soundtrack.

Do you have the first or the second one?

Actually the broadway musical, which makes it even more embarrassing.

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

I love the guy who plays Puck on Glee.

Do you guys watch Glee? Albie and Chris seem to love those Glee girls.

I got them into Glee! They had no idea what it was. Since we only have one TV in the room, they had no choice but to watch it with me. Now we’re all obsessed with it.

What are three passions Bravo fans wouldn’t know about you?

I’m really big on tolerance. Tolerating everyone and being accepting of everyone. I’m really into that. Keeping the peace. Vacation because I [have to] get away and go to the beach during the year. I guess family. I’m really into my family and my new family with the Manzo’s. I consider them family. We spend a lot of time together. I’m really about keeping those who are close to me, close to my heart.


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