Exclusive: ‘Modern Family’s’ Ariel Winter Talks New TV Movie ‘Fred 2: Night Of The Living Fred’


“Fred Figglehorn” is back just in time for Halloween for a brand-new TV movie, Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred, premiering Oct 22. The Nickelodeon two-hour sequel follows Fred on another adventure to expose a vampire in his school that just so happens to be his music teacher. The film not only features the popular internet characters again. This time, Modern Family’s Ariel Winter took a break from her ABC hit series to take on the role of Talia.

Tell me about this new film that’s airing soon. Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred.

ARIEL WINTER: “I play Talia. She’s a new character in the franchise. She’s pretty much–well, she’s Kevin’s younger sister and she’s very artsy and creative. She’s kind of a hippy and Fred’s love interest slash stalker. She’s very endearing thoughout the whole movie–actually the whole movie is kind of endearing–but my character specifically is. Like I said, she’s the love interest who becomes his stalker. [Laughs] She makes sock puppets of them and like makes cookies in chemistry. So she’s the character who’s in love with Fred in the movie.”

Were you wanting to do a project that’s Halloween themed?

“I wasn’t looking for anything specific but when I read the Fred 2 script, it was such a cute role and something so different. And it would reach more of the teen audience. It’s a totally different role than Modern Family so I immediately took it. I was like, ‘Oh it’s such a great script, it’s really cool!’ I love the character and I get to work with Fred! [Laughs] So I was definitely excited.”

Ariel didn’t take a break and instead filmed the TV movie right after Modern Family finished its second season back in March. She stars in the Nickelodeon film alongside Lucas Cruikshank in the title role, WWE Superstar John Cena and Victorious’ Daniella Monet.

Lucas Cruikshank and Ariel Winter as Fred and Talia.

Photo Credit: Photo/Nickelodeon. 2011 Viacom, International, Inc.


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