Interview: Gail Simmons Reveals Her Three Passions Besides ‘Top Chef’


Gail Simmons was a special guest at the Tadashi Show Sept. 9 at Lincoln Center’s Skybox Lounge. There she talked to American Express Cardmembers about her new ventures, the Emmys and what she’ll be wearing for the big night. All of that can be caught up here.

When the talk was over and the lights remained unlit, Ology got the chance to talk with the Food & Wine and Just Desserts food critic. As in, was able to squeeze in some questions before the bar became overloaded with untouched champagne.

You talked about the Emmys, is there any celebrity that you really want to see on the carpet?

Gail Simmons: Oh my God, every year at the Emmys it’s amazing to see people on the carpet. I mean, who has great style? I’m always excited to see what January Jones wears. Christina Hendricks because she’s got a body I can understand. I always get excited to see the funny ladies–Amy Poehler, Tina Fey. They always look elegant and beautiful, and it’s always fun to see them.

You mentioned about needing your clutch on the red carpet. What’s the number one thing in your makeup bag you can’t live without?

Oh my God, I would say two things:  La Prairie concealer stick, it’s awesome. It’s kind of a pencil. In a pinch, you have a little dark under your eyes, a little spot— it’s always in my bag. What else. I have to have a little lip gloss. Goes a long way. Stila or Chanel.

You’ve worked with so many people on Top Chef and your Dessert show. Is there anyone you really want to work with that you haven’t yet? 

…There are so many people I want to have on the show! I would love to have Amy Sedaris on our show. She’s just one of the funniest ladies I’ve ever seen. You know, her comedy, her books, and she loves food! And she has a whole cookbook! So we’ve been trying to get her on the show for ages.

So what are your three Ologies?

I mean, definitely FoodOlogyMixOlogy-the art of mixing a great cocktail.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

Oh God, I don’t know it changes with the season. I would say right now– I had the most amazing Fig Vodka the other day, actually that was really great. In a Mojito and it gave it a different flavor and it was really delicious. I think it was called Figenza. What other cocktails do I love? I love cocktails that aren’t too sweet, even that have some saltiness. Some savoriness.

And your third Ology?


What shoes are your favorites? What designers?

Oh my God there are so many great designers who I love. I’m trying to think of someone who’s not just the same five people that everyone talks about. [pauses] I love Giuseppe Zanotti. Loeffler Randall makes great shoes, and they are actually beautiful flats and heels. Love them. And lately I’ve been buying a lot of Miu Miu. Miu Miu makes great shoes. I get so much use out of my Mui Mui shoes.


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